He reported an Instagram error in the system. He received thousands of dollars as a reward

If you delete anything from the social network, then probably assume that the data is deleted permanently. But it doesn’t have to be that way at all, as Instagram showed. The security researcher Saugat Pokharel found out after the release of the backup that it contains more than a year of deleted photos and pm at first.

According to Instagram, its owner is the company Facebook, piel Pokharel last June after he directly released a copy of his content in the application. Any user since 2018 can issue it here, basically on the transferability of data within the GDPR. Instagram then within a maximum of 48 hours field to e-mail a link to download the file containing photos, comments, profile information and other data shared on this social network.

At first, the security technician also discovered data that he had deleted from Instagram more than a year ago, with the belief that they would be permanently deleted. It just didn’t happen, according to Instagram it was a bug in the system. According to information from the server The Verge, it was repaired and arrested in August.

However, according to an Instagram spokesman, no evidence was found that anyone could exploit this system error. In addition, Pokharel drank an uninteresting sum for them. He received a reward of $ 6,000 from Instagram, ie about 131,000 crowns. This is not unusual;

According to The Verge server, it is not certain whether this problem was affecting all Instagram users or just some group. However, note that the slight delay between the removal of an item from the site and its final deletion from the server is not uncommon. According to Instagram, it usually takes about 90 days to fully delete data from its system.

The Verge adds that this is by no means the first such case. In the past, security engineers have uncovered similar problems with other services, including Twitter, which has kept users removed for the first time.

May 3, 2019