For five years, it will be under the display, Xiaomi confirms

The first phone with a focus under the display will be introduced in the next few days. He will follow, their boom will come in five years. Xiaomi now called the complex construction.

At first glance, this seems like a complicated complication. e is about focch, which hide under the display. Only the manufacturer has suffered for several years and now it looks like they have managed to overcome all major design problems.

But first let’s look back. A few years ago, probably no one would have a camera under the display. Basically, it started with two trends, the first was the popularity of selfie, ie self-portrait. Each smartphone had to have a camera and a front. Subsequently, the pressure on the display screen, only with large frames, the phones became untenable in hand.

Also, as the manufacturers began to change the lines around the display, they had to go where with the front focus. The first commercial eenm was on the display, first used in 2017 in the essence of the forgotten Essential. The smaller line was started by Apple later with the iPhone X. In the following year, it was probably the biggest copper element of all phones in the world.

It just turned out that the drive is a fairly disturbing element on the display. The hunt for its maximum change has also begun, which has resulted in the kind of element that is the display ring. So a small hole for the camera in the screen. Some manufacturers did not want to laugh with it, so they grinded and still grind another one in the form of slide-out cameras from the upper edge of the phone. But it’s a sp marginal trend.

The future leans towards the stone hidden under the display. Most large mobile phone manufacturers and display companies have been dealing with this problem for at least two years. And for a long time it seemed safe.

There are two problems. In order for the display to get enough light through the camera, so that the camera takes pictures of something cool. Conversely, so that the display does not indicate that there is a camera below it.

Both problems could not be solved for a long time, Xiaomi dealt with it in several generations of development. In the first, the result did not get out of the laboratory, in the second type there was a prototype, with its features, however, the company was not satisfied. For a while, it even seemed that the problem was not eclipsed.

Just recently, the company ZTE announced that the first phone with a camera under the display is presented in the 1st z. It will be the Axon 20 5G model. Visionox should be the supplier of the display and camera below nm. The new Axon will probably not get into the Czech Republic officially, ZTE phones will not be officially sold on the Czech market. Only other phones are likely to follow quite quickly.

Xiaomi announced that he had given a generation of development that he had managed to solve all the problems and that smartphones with a camera under the display would be manufactured from that year. This is the next generation of development and the company states that it managed to eliminate problems with both the quality of photography and invisibility on the display.

eenm is twice the number of pixels on the display in the camera location. Only the displays are smaller, so there is enough light on the camera. What it will look like in reality, the question we will have to go to for a while. As is clear now, the technology will soon get into the expensive devices, but apparently not into the dearest ones, until the middle of now. I answer the first Axon 20 from ZTE.