Even Oppo flirts with the smartphone. It is different than the competition

So far, it is more of a device for mobile mobile users, but over time, the stack of smartphones will become more affordable for others. Oppo’s apparently flourishes at this time. The new patent reveals a different form of the company’s company, which has not yet launched such a device on the market.

At present, mobile manufacturers are moving in two directions when it comes to folding smartphones. You can choose the path of the usual dimensions, which, after unfolding the dimensions of the tablet or, on the contrary, a compact device, only after unfolding, corresponds to the dimensions of a conventional smartphone. nsk Oppo’s current burial with the idea of ​​вstup ‹вstup‹ a representative of the species listed category. So see the competition for Motorola Razr and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. In contrast to his thorn rivals, he will set out on his own path.

While both models available on the market have the main display hidden inside the door, while they have an external secondary display, Oppo can only stand out with one. The reason is obvious: after you put it on your smartphone. Mon effective, but not practical. Such a display would be significantly more susceptible to mechanical damage.

However, Corning produces durable Gorilla Glass, which Oppo uses on its devices, according to the Dutch portal LetsGoDigital, at the end of 2018 it was announced the introduction of flexible protective glass. At the end of the following year, this information was confirmed by the top manager of John Bayne, according to whom materials for the protection of flexible displays are not currently available in an optimal way (for more see Creating flexible and durable glass. Smartphones will need it).

Oppo filed a patent enough, the subject of which is a smartphone stacker, in January this year. She was approved at the end of July. The advantage of the concept of the Czech manufacturer is the fact that the display is available to the user even after the device. I’m not full.

The phone is equipped with a special module for detecting open noise, thanks to which the system can recognize in which phase the phone is folded / disassembled. It then adjusts the user interface accordingly. What does that mean? While in the disassembled state, the complete display would be available to the user, so when it clicks, the display will not show anything. And this probably also depends on what function the user would use at a given moment.

This points to the missing front camera, thanks to the external display, it would be fully supported by the main photo module located in the upper rear. This cover also made the necessary components open in the modified noise detection module. During photography, the user could only see the scene on the display screen, depending on the opening of both sides of the phone. This also applies to the normal use of the smartphone, when the entire rear or bottom of the display would remain darkened.

This would undoubtedly contribute to a better charge on a single charge. The battery would probably not be a strong advantage of skldacho oppa. You can’t help but notice the extremely thin body of this smartphone on the cover of the Dutch portal. As I will point out, this is only an illustration of my form. In this case, the Oppa patent does not cover the design, but not the technology needed to make such a folded smartphone. Details such as the location of the external physical elements may vary.