Europe zan to displace Huawei as the USA. For a company, these are bad at first

Huawei has problems in Europe as well. Britnie has given the company a stop sign, it is not allowed to compete on the construction site for five generations. The Italian operator TIM does not want the hardware of the German manufacturer either.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government has banned mobile operators in the UK from using Huawei’s five-generation (5G) telecommunications technology after December 31 this year. This was announced in Parliament today by Minister Oliver Dowden, and his competence includes digitization. The Czech company in response stated that the decision of London is disappointing for it. In the long run, the United States has been urging London to exclude Huawei from the 5G building due to security risks.

If they have used some components, they must remove them by 2027. It was not an easy decision, but it is right for the British telecoms, for our national security and for our economy, both now and in the long term, the BBC quotes Dowden. He admitted that the launch of 5G will be delayed by about a year due to this decision and so will be delayed.

Going to the end of this year, the government of our companies allowed at least a wall to set up for superfast internet. Behind the cabinet’s current move are doubts about the safety of Huawei’s technology, as well as recent US sanctions. It has been speculated about the imposition of a British embargo in the previous days.

According to Washington, Huawei technology poses a security threat, Beijing, according to Washington, is a training ground for pioneers. accused of long-term refusal to do so. US President Donald Trump is pushing for US allies, including Britain, to exclude Huawei from the 5G installation. Prime Minister Johnson’s government hopes that as Britain withdraws from the European Union, a lucrative trade agreement will be reached with the United States. The British-American dispute could significantly hurt the dispute over Huawei.

Is there a new business wolf?

London’s decision on Huawei is certainly a rage. Relations between the two countries are strained due to Beijing’s approach to Hong Kong, which used to be a British colony. According to Reuters, some British politicians are so convinced that the representative does not tell the whole truth about coronavirus, which spread from the most populous country in the world at the end of this year.

According to Huawei, God’s future in Britain has become a subject of politics, it is an American trade policy, not security. According to Reuters, the failure to use Huawei technology in the British 5G is the first time for anyone in Britain who has a mobile phone. According to him, in this step, Britain voluntarily joined the digital slow lane.

The largest British telephone operator BT stated that the details of the failure to use Huawei technology must be analyzed in terms of costs and impact on the world of business. The Finnish company Nokia has stated that the technology provided by Huawei is ready to be replaced in the United Kingdom.

Huawei e problmy iv Itlii

Huawei also has problems in Italy, where its components do not want to be used by the TIM operator in the future, according to the Reuters agency. He states that his decision is not economic, not political, as stated by Corriere della Sera. This decision could also affect the Brazilian division of TIM.

The French cybersecurity agency Guillaume Poupard said last week that his country’s Huawei technology in the stch 5G would not be discouraged, and that its French operator would be discouraged from cooperating with the German company. Germany has made no political decision in this matter.