Did Oppo look in the strange LG? The city of the display wants to try the keyboard

At a time when manufacturers are flirting with folding smartphones, the unconventional LG protective cover with integrated second display changes slightly. However, in such a case, when the case of the phone brings some added value, the potential is probably visible. At least that’s what his patent suggests.

Pete on your smartphone often emails? Do you often forget about a small virtual keyboard? I am working on such a problem. By ponkud netradin. While some designers unleash their imagination and design smartphones with today’s forgotten physical qwerty of keyboards, our characters flirt with the construction of a substantially simple one. The inspiration for him was the South Korean LG.

This is what the G8X ThinQ comes with a rather untraditional protective case. In addition, to prevent mechanical damage to the phone itself, it has a second display. This is a completely toton with the one that is equipped with the phone (for more see The busiest year, the constructions were not used by the competition). However, it is considering other uses for many mobile users.

Instead of the second display, the case of the manufacturer should be equipped with an integrated electronic QWERTY keyboard. This would satisfy many users, for whom the physical keyboard was an indispensable tool for writing text messages and e-mail on some mobile phones. The owner of the Z. series, however, was supposed to prove a similar one some time ago.

In this respect, Oppo would be the only smartphone manufacturer to offer such accessories. The only one that kept the physical keyboard at smart devices despite the trends was the original American BlackBerry. However, this legendary feature, which has been part of TCL’s company since 2016, will soon be a thing of the past (for more, see Buy, they won’t be in a moment. Legendary BlackBerry smartphones come).

The patent application for a special cover for a smartphone was filed by Oppo at the end of last year, the patent was granted in April this year. This does not mean, however, that it will carry out its production. Not even for which model series it would be intended. One thing is for sure: if a mobile user really wanted a qwerty keyboard, he would have to look at these characters first on the phone.

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