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The wearable electronics industry will soon grow with a very unconventional product. The Japanese company Donut Robotics is behind it. It is a clever C-Face protective mask, which, when connected to a smartphone and tablet, can present, convert into the text and amplify the wearer’s voice. It arose out of necessity.

Like a number of other companies, Japanese Donut Robotics has been affected by the effects of the coronavirus crisis. In order to do so, the company had to vigorously rethink its goals. We have been working hard on the development of the robot for many years, Taisuke Ono, CEO, told Reuters.

Only sawing a coronavirus pandemic and a contract for the supply of robotic guides, and a translator for the international Tokyo flight Haneda is precarious due to severely limited air traffic.

The company had to react quickly, it had to build on them. In addition, Donut Robotics drank clever protective masks with the idea of ​​a product that would help society pandemic five. We used the technology to create a product that responds to how the coronavirus petvoil company, Ono added.

It is a seemingly ordinary plastic mask, which the user wears over a standard face mask. However, when connected to a mobile application via Bluetooth, the C-Face can write to text, call and amplify the voice of its carrier. It is especially difficult to translate Japanese into eight world languages.

The prototype of the smart mask was completed by the company for a single MSC. It was enough to customize the software developed for the preparation of a century-old robot and prepare the design of the mask itself. He accelerated the fact that one of the engineers of Shunsuke Fujibayashi, those years ago, as part of a student project, focused on the interpretation and mapping of the facial muscles.

Donut Robotics decided to finance the development by selling the event through crowfunding. She paid seven million yen for the duty, ie less than 1.5 million crowns. She reached this point in less than three minutes from the start of the collection.

We stopped it after 37 minutes, when we reached 28 million only, Ono informed. In less than 40 minutes, the company gained half of its duty, in the amount of 5.8 million crowns.

Donut Robotics wants to deliver the first 5,000 C-Face smart masks in Japan to the United States. It is subsequently expanding to expand into the Czech, American and European markets. According to the company, paradoxically, due to the pandemic, the interest in its masks is high.

He told The New York Times that if anyone had developed such a product before the coronavirus pandemic, they would probably not have found an investor and sales would have been zero.

The price of a smart mask from Donut Robotics should be around $ 40 apiece, ie about 880 crowns. At the same time, the company does not hide the fact that its goal is to generate revenue from subscription services offered through a mobile application, which will be necessary for a functioning smart mask.

It is not the only such attempt at a protective mask that will offer the wearer a bonus. According to The New York Times, for example, the South Korean LG has created a mask equipped with a fan, which makes it easier for the wearer to breathe. The visionaries dreamed of masks equipped with an air circuit breaker, bluetooth speakers and technology that would kill the bacteria by destroying the masks.

Among other things, CEO Donut Robotics noted that it is very likely that users will be required to protect themselves from protective masks if they are required to travel abroad for several years, not only protection against viruses and bacteria. It is believed that the people will use masks even after the coronavirus pandemic has subsided due to fears of the disease.