Coronavirus tourism. Some countries did not leave the Czech Republic by darkness or life

Interesting statistics were published by T-Mobile operator. Show how holiday tourism has changed in coronavirus lt. And the changes are noticeable, where no foot or leg came out of the Czech Republic, elsewhere Czech tourists must be happy.

T-Mobile released data for the first two weeks of July. In this period, compared to the previous year, he registered 13 percent more registered SIMs abroad. At first glance, this is not such a sharp decline, given the situation, one could expect to go mountain.

In any case, the structure of the countries to which tourists from the Czech Republic set out changed significantly. Of course, the statistics of the operator need only with its customers, but given that T-Mobile is the largest operator on the market, it can be expected that the data will be relatively accurate.

It is not surprising that only a minimum of tourists from the Czech Republic went outside the European Union. They would have to quarantine after returning, and logically no one wants that. T-Mobile thus has a 95 percent decrease in the usually very popular Turkey and tm 100 percent in the other two popular destinations in North Africa, which are Tunisia and Egypt.

This dramatic decline in the number of tourists from the Czech Republic also occurred in many popular countries within the European Union. According to T-Mobile, 78 percent of tourists in the Czech Republic signed up for mobile phones in that period than last year. It reports the same for Spain. Itlie is about fous lpe, the decline is in her case 전 only 75 percent. Jet h is in Portugal with a decrease of 85 percent and not in Serbia, where the operator’s customers did not go for almost a day.

Top pt destination zkaznk T-Mobilu
Poad 2019 2020
1. Nmecko Nmecko
2. Austria Slovakia
3. Slovakia Poland
4. Poland Austria
5. Croatia Croatia

The number of tourists sweating in the destinations of the Mediterranean Sea is therefore huge, but with regard to the situation it is acceptable. Relatively at the time is only Croatia, where the operator registered about aunt of my customers, not it was last year.

The overall decline is not so sharp, it is also clear that some countries travel to the Czech Republic more than last year. It is mainly Poland, where, according to the operator, 51 percent of people went last year than last year. Slovakia also recorded Nstst, by seven percent, the data for Germany are not reported by the operator, but last year and this year it is the number one traveler for its customers. On the other hand, 12 percent of the number of people went to Austria.