Cl on God, on eBay, sell your luxury mobile phones at a lower price

Finding any unique mobile phone on the eBay auction portal for an unreasonably high number is not unusual. We discovered a bag and a light exception, it would not be for anyone. The Ukrainian Aurum Edition emblem offers you not only a gold-plated top Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, which is a little $ 500 cheaper, not even better.

Like us, you have never heard of the Aurum Edition company with a message in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, but it is not a new novelty in the field of luxury smartphones. It has been operating on the market for more than ten years. So at least according to the information on the web, where even five hundred satisfied customers. This is not much, on the other hand it is necessary to take into account that due to the change of society, the individual group is not so big.

The portfolio of characters also includes the top model of the Galaxy S20 series from Samsung. That is, the S20 Ultra model, or rather its luxurious design. Whether the phone is fitted with a real crocodile, their edges are gilded with 24-card gold as well as the bottom with an embossed engraving. The top around the photomodule is, according to the company, made of carbon, which according to the photograph has a surface right in imitation wood.

This model prizes Aurum Edition at $ 4,700, ie not 103 thousand crowns. That’s more than 2.5 times the price compared to the standard Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with 128GB of memory. In the field of luxury smartphones, this is one of the best payments for individuality. For example, the cheapest model of this Samsung will cost $ 5,790 (more than 127 thousand crowns) for the Russian Caviar.

If a group of people somehow doesn’t have the slightest, so on eBay, gold and a crocodile can be used to enhance the top samsung from Ukrainian luxury characters with a nice five-dollar bill. So in the transfer 11 thousand crowns cheaper. And not from a beautician, but from Aurum Edition. The phone on the auction portal will offer $ 4,200 (approximately 92 thousand crowns) for a landline.

Similarly, it can be used on some other phones in its portfolio. For example, the top iPhone 11 Pro Max with 512MB of memory from the Hunting Jungle edition on eBay will offer for 7.2 thousand dollars, ie about 154 thousand crowns for something. The current price is equal to 10 thousand dollars (dark 220 thousand crowns). And that’s the difference in significant prices.

However, not all of the Ukrainian companies’ offers on the auction portal are suitable in this way. They are no exception, even in them, for their products, on the contrary, they pay for the printing of crowns more than in the official e-shop.