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Apple has released a video from the Sri Shot on iPhone, which demonstrates the quality of the currently current iPhone 11 Pro. However, the new feature film has changed from all previous impacts. The cell is vertical. According to us, it doesn’t look bad at all. Put the bag yourself.

The untouchingness of the less than nine-minute-long film weaved Apple right into its name: it is simply called Vertical Cinema. That ripple is a bonus result. Thanks to the filming of the main character, the whole collection floats out, so the girl does not disturb the day and do not care about the surroundings for the given scene. True, the image stands out especially when vertically played on a smartphone, disappearing unsightly black bars filling the traditional wide-angle video format.

Pbh will talk about the stuntman who first shoots the scene. His role is to jump out of the building’s age to escape the main character’s pursuers as a dablr. She has to save her life thanks to the fall. This stunt in the night scene.

Before that, he will be reminded of moments from some of his previous leaps, for example, through various film lines. They are often a reminder of how unbelievable a profession he has chosen. The imaginary cream was subsequently torn by the main character, who jumps in during the shooting of risky scenes. Take a look at the video.

Reie’s latest finger in the shot putter was shot by American director and screenwriter Damien Chazelle, who is the youngest Oscar winner in the Best Reie category (he won the award for La La Land). The professional stuntman was joined by professional stuntman Tom McComas, who in 2009 won the Sdruen Film and Television Actors (SAG) award for the best performance of the stunt ensemble in the film, for the film Dark Engraving.

The Vertical Cinema was shot entirely on the iPhone 11 Pro, without the use of any professional film technology. In his reversal, however, Apple informs in a small way that the collections were made by a professional film application, an unspecified hardware accessory was used, and the image was professionally edited. This is probably due to the fact that someone does not get the impression that such a high-quality video material has achieved the so-called good at first, ie without the additional intervention of professionals.

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