Apple podpo evropsk nezvisl servisy. Pihlsit se mohou i esk

After years of defiance, Apple began delivering materials and technical support to unauthorized servicing in the United States at the end of last year, which is repairing iPhones after a deadline. Now its independent repair program has spread to Europe. I receive sticks from eskch servis.

After the launch in the USA, Apple’s program for independent data repair providers and independent repair shops in 32 European countries and Canada can now be reported, the company said in its press release at first. According to my website, I now receive the application for the program from companies in the Czech Republic.

The program is intended for companies that want to perform off-line iPhone repairs directly for end users. Apple resellers and distributors and authorized resellers cannot register. In order for the company to accept the application, the applicant may not use the Apple trademark in the name of the company and the website, contrary to the conditions for its use.

If the conditions are met (eg easily accessible public service center, repairs must be performed only by Apple-certified technicians) and then access to the program will gain access to original lengths, tools, elbows, service tools, diagnostic tools and other Apple materials needed for the necessary services. iPhone repairs, such as their display and batteries. However, service tools, knees, service strips, and diagnostic tools must be kept confidential.

Apple launched the program in Spojench sttech last year. Unauthorized stores and repair shops have long complained that in order to become Apple’s authorized service providers, the company requires a large amount of consumption. Apple fights against pressure on the system to provide independent operations, but eventually changed its attitude (see Apple for more. Unauthorized services will receive original parts on iPhones).

We are very excited to expand our program for independent repairers to more cities in the United States and to businesses in Europe and Canada, said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer. If the customer needs to be repaired, we want them to have a choice that not only meets their needs, but thus guarantees safety and quality, he added.