Apple is going to mysterious iPhone. Arrive m in the spring and without 5G support

The time when Apple was able to launch a single ron model is a thing of the past. And the models are obviously small to him. This year, a number of news should be added to the bird. The new generation of the iPhone SE introduced in April will be supplemented by three twelve in the autumn. In addition, I have a model to go to them.

According to the Phonearenase port, I can cast a model of the next generation iPhone, compared to which it can support the support of the middle generation. Given its timing, it could be offered that Apple will include the SE model in its portfolio on a permanent basis. However, according to the changed portal, this will not be the case, at least with regard to the price. Both previous iPhones SE were a combination of years of appearance with modern interiors, and the price matched them. Compared to the current top models, it was used significantly.

The spring iPhone can be significantly cheaper only in comparison with the upcoming top models, ie iPhones with the Pro padlock. Compared to the price of the current SE model, this can be much more expensive. Speculation suggests that the price should be around $ 800, ie around 17.5 thousand crowns. At the same time, the iPhone SE is on sale for 13 thousand crowns. This is indeed a marked difference, so that the announced novelty should be its successor. This is refuted by the fact that the elevated iPhone b on the current A13 set, it has at least two years of life ahead of it.

Introduced cheaper alternatives for peak autumn iPhones, which will for the first time support 5G, two sense. At present, twofold. It can be assumed that not all users in their country will be in operation for five generations, they will be willing to pay for this advantage. From this point of view, the model only with LTE support makes sense.

The second reason for the introduction of cheaper alternatives to peaks of the iPhone is the fact that, as a result of coronavirus measures, Apple is also finding sufficient sales. We can’t rely on all those who played the new iPhone this year to be able to afford the best of their portfolio. The company probably wants to develop a customer base with a spring derivative of expected iPhones.

Given the estimated prices, the iPhone 12 with the absence of 5G should be included between the basic iPhone 12 and the Pro version, according to the latest speculations, their price should be $ 649 and $ 999 (14.2 and 21.9 thousand crowns). At its own price, such a model could offer comparable parameters of the executed elements, the price difference in its favor could be the absence of a 5G module.