Taxis versus VTC, what everyone can do (or not)

SCAN ECO – From appeal to court decisions, the Thévenoud law supposed to ease tensions between taxis and VTC continues to be rewritten. Le Figaro takes stock of what everyone has the right to do.

Only taxis can pick up customers “on the fly”

TRUE. This was one of the major challenges of the Thévenoud law. This prohibits VTCs from picking up a customer who would hail them in the street. It thus confines them to reservations via their site or their mobile application. What the VTC did not dispute, whose vehicles were anyway less easily recognizable than taxis. The question of “electronic marauding” was on the other hand more discussed. The Thévenoud law prohibits VTCs from using a geolocation system that would allow their customers to reserve the vehicle they know is closest. The VTC companies contested this provision, which. Uber, which is at the origin of the dispute, is still awaiting the decision of the Court of Appeal on the subject but it is unlikely that it will go against the Constitutional Council.

VTCs must wait 15 minutes before picking up their customers

FAUX. This provision was presented in a decree, establishing for VTCs a minimum period of 15 minutes between booking and taking charge of customers. But after an appeal before the Council of State, the VTC obtained.

VTCs are obliged to offer flat rates

FAUX. The Thévenoud law requires VTCs to inform their customers in advance of the price of the race. This in fact made it impossible to take into account certain criteria – such as the duration of the race – in the pricing and generalized a flat rate pricing. A provision that VTCs have turned to their advantage by notably offering “airport packages”,. The Sages spoke this Friday:. VTCs will therefore be able to copy what Uber was already doing, namely to charge “horokilometric” pricing, taking into account the duration of the race, the number of kilometers completed as well as the support of the customer.

VTCs must return to their base between two races

TRUE BUT… Taxis also under certain conditions. The Sages confirmed this Friday this disparaged provision of the Thévenoud law: if they do not have several races booked in advance which follow one another, the VTCs are obliged to return to the garage to wait for the next reservation. A way to prevent them from waiting around airports, where taxis are located. The Constitutional Council, however, handed back VTCs and taxis. Because the latter will also have to go through the garage space if they are not in their parking area.

Taxis have a reserved lane on highways

FAUX. A lane reserved for buses and taxis on a portion of the A1 motorway. But, the administrative court of Montreuil opened this way to the VTC. It is planned to extend this system to the A6 and gradually to twelve other motorway axes.

The UberPOP application is prohibited in France

TRUE BUT… The Thévenoud law prohibits “the fact of organizing a system of putting clients in touch with people who are neither road transport companies, nor taxis, nor motorized vehicles with two or three wheels or transport cars with driver”. , the law therefore applies to Uber, referred to without being named. The American company did not let it be told and initiated appeals to the French but also European justice. Pending a decision from the Constitutional Council on this issue, the Paris Court of Appeal expressly on a suspension or a ban on service. Despite this, the service therefore continues to operate.