Taxes, budget, espionage: the eco recap of the day

THE ECO SCAN – Didn’t you have time to look at the economic news this Wednesday? Le Figaro summarizes the main topics of the day for you.

• The end of the paper declaration, good news for France

The transition to fully dematerialized taxation would save the State no less than 100 million euros, according to information from the Figaro. In 2014, 13 million taxpayers opted for online reporting – just over a third of tax households.

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• French ministers at the diet

While France had until Wednesday, June 10 to detail in Brussels its new savings plan of 4 billion euros for 2015, the budget of the ministries will be cut by 700 million euros.

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• American companies lead by the NSA

The NSA’s espionage programs have cost American high-tech companies the loss of many markets and triggered the implementation of protectionist measures abroad, estimates an American think tank.

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But also

. Three drivers of the UberPop service were arrested in Strasbourg for illegal exercise of the taxi profession, after the issuance of a prohibition order which was demanded by Strasbourg taxis angry, according to the prefecture on Wednesday.

. Land requisitioned, real estate transactions prohibited … The government would provide a strong action plan against municipalities that do not respect the obligation to build 20% of social housing.

The code of ethics drawn up in 2012 and signed by the ministers provides that “only expenses directly linked to the exercise of functions are borne by the State”.

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Infographic of the day: French groups continue to dominate the global luxury market in terms of turnover. But new Asian protagonists come to question this hegemony.

• The number of the day: . Despite the Chinese offensive, foreign investors actually only own 1.98% of the 600,000 hectares of vineyards scrutinized.

• The innovation of the day: . The upcoming iOS 9 will bring long-awaited improvements, such as the display of two apps on the screen and keyboard shortcuts. What to make more competitive the tablet of Apple, whose sales are declining.

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