Disney+ to the rescue of Mickey’s Empire

Netflix’s competing streaming platform claims nearly 74 million subscribers. Penalized by its amusement parks, the American group suffered its second consecutive quarter of losses. In Washington Disney sinks into the red, but its shareholders remain optimistic. . But, above all, the new boss since February, Bob Chapek, has so far managed to convince Wall Street


The automobile is slowly recovering in Europe

The Renault group progressed in the first half, but its sales remained 24% lower than in 2019. Sales of new cars in Europe picked up in the first half compared to the same period of 2020, which had been marked by the first confinement. But with 5.4 million new registrations within the European Union, this

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Oat milk: Swedish Oatly wants to boil Wall Street

Valued at 23 times its turnover, the company has set its IPO price at $17 per share. After the fake Beyond Meat steaks two years ago, Oatly oat milks are in turn taking over Wall Street. This Thursday, the group, which achieved 447 million dollars (366 million euros) in turnover, set its introductory price at