Strike, demonstration, CCE …: key week for Alstom in Belfort

VIDEO – While the State is negotiating in secret with the SNCF in particular and will receive the unions during the week, an extraordinary central works committee will be devoted to the Belfort factory on Monday afternoon. Then Tuesday, the “Alsthommes” are called to strike and demonstrate in front of the company’s headquarters in Saint-Ouen.

Key week for employees, whose site is threatened with virtual closure: they await explanations from their CEO in works council and announcements from the government. To defend their future, they are called on Tuesday to demonstrate. The social marathon opens on Monday afternoon with an extraordinary central works committee (CCE) dedicated to the Belfort factory, the historic cradle of the railway manufacturer where 400 jobs out of 480 are threatened.

The CEO should “expose Alstom’s strategy” to staff representatives who are waiting for lasting solutions for the site installed in Belfort since 1879, decrypts Daniel Dreger of the CGT. “Are they going to present us with a competitiveness plan, a plan with a sprinkling of charges on the 12 French sites?” He asks AFP, adding that “Mr. Poupart cannot wait until the end of the week without telling us anything ”.

Due to a lack of orders, the management announced on September 7 their intention to transfer it to Reichshoffen, in Alsace. Only the maintenance activity would be maintained in the Franche-Comté city.

But seven months before the presidential election, the future of the Belfort site immediately became a political issue. François Hollande has made its maintenance an “objective”, anxious to avoid an explosion similar to the closure of the blast furnaces of Florange, in Lorraine, at the start of the five-year term. After denouncing Alstom’s “brutal” announcement, the government promised “answers” by “the end of the month” to save the factory, from which the first TGV came out in 1971 and on which almost depend. 900 indirect jobs.

“Alstom works well”

This Tuesday, the “Alsthommes” will be heard. in front of the group’s headquarters in Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis), where an ordinary CCE will be held. The inter-union (CFE-CGC, CGT, CFDT, FO) symbolically chartered a TGV for the occasion in order to escort employees from Belfort and Ornans (Doubs). Between “1000 and 1500 people” are expected, according to one of the organizers.

The same day, will be heard in the National Assembly by the Committee on Economic Affairs. His group has so far refused to mention a social plan, ensuring that a “transfer proposal” to another Alstom plant will be formulated for each of the 400 employees concerned.

Negotiations are being carried out in secret between the State, which holds 20% of Alstom’s capital, and the various companies that can bring additional orders to the group.

Behind the scenes, the government has put pressure on the SNCF, asked to conclude negotiations with Alstom as soon as possible for the purchase of six TGVs for the Paris-Turin-Milan line. “There are prospects: Greater Paris, the TGV of the future, the development of freight and piggyback transport, rather than putting buses on the road as (the former Minister of the Economy Emmanuel ) Macron ”, argued Pascal Novelin (CGT), Saturday, during a demonstration in Belfort.

The Secretary of State for Industry, should receive the unions during the week to take stock. His cabinet contacted the unions “to say that they were still working on the file, that Alstom was working well with them and that they would keep us informed at the end of the week”, reports to AFP Thierry Muller, CFDT representative. Christophe Sirugue “told us’ You will judge me by actions and not by words”. So we will see and hear, ”he slips.