Soon a tax credit of 50 euros for press subscriptions

The government added an amendment to the amending finance bill. It provides for a 50% credit for a first subscription up to a limit of 50 euros.

The government is concerned about the fate of press publishers, heavily hit by the fall in the advertising market since March but also by the drop in sales during the lockdown. An amendment was tabled in the amending finance bill for 2020 (PLFR 3) which provides for the creation for individuals of a “Tax credit for the first subscription to a newspaper, periodical or online press service for political and general information”.

Expected by the sector, this provision would be applicable, from a date fixed by decree, subject to the means-tested “Help the less well-off households to take out a subscription”. In all cases, the taxpayer must be domiciled in France, and the tax credit is granted once per tax household whose reference tax income is less, for part of the family quotient, than 10,000 euros, this limit being increased by 25% for each additional half share.

Excluded digital kiosks

It would be equal to 50% of the expenses actually incurred and would be operable until December 31, 2022, for a first subscription for a minimum period of twelve months. This with a tax credit limit of 50 euros per tax household. It would only be granted once for the same tax household until December 31, 2022.

The text of the amendment specifies that this measure does not apply to online press kiosks: “subscription to an online press service is not eligible for the benefit of the tax credit when it is included in a service ensuring the grouped digital distribution of online press services or digitized versions of newspapers or periodicals not all of the press character of political or general information, or associated with any other service», He specifies.

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