Semiconductors: Apple to invest more than a billion euros in Munich

The American giant wants to open “the largest research center” in Europe dedicated in particular to 5G.

US tech giant Apple said on Wednesday that it plans to invest more than a billion euros in Germany to open “the largest research center»Europe on semiconductors and software dedicated in particular to 5G. Apple wants to make Munich (south) its “european centerIn this regard, as the continent seeks to catch up in the production of semiconductors, key components of new technologies dominated by China and the United States.

«I couldn’t be more excited for everything our engineering teams in Munich are going to discover – from exploring new frontiers in 5G technology, to a new generation of technology.Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a statement. “Munich has been a home for Apple for four decades“, he added. Apple has had a base in Munich since 1981 and today has hundreds of engineers developing microchips at its centers in southern Germany.

The new investment in the region “will exceed € 1 billion in the next three years aloneAnd will create hundreds of jobs, according to Apple. The new Munich site, scheduled to open in 2022, will host “Apple’s growing cellular unit and Europe’s largest R&D site for semiconductor and wireless mobile phone software».

A market worth 440 billion euros per year

Tuesday, with Europe seeking to strengthen its sovereignty and become a technological powerhouse capable of competing with the United States and China.

As part of a new roadmap, the European Commission also wants the EU to develop its first quantum computer before the end of the decade in order to be ready for a new era of fast computing. Essential components of everyday products such as cars and cellphones, semiconductors are currently suffering from a shortage of supply worldwide and Europe depends on Chinese and American imports in an estimated market of 440 billion euros per year.