Vda is the best indicator of li, I am the widow of the famous astronomer Sagan

The significance of her brainwaves and heart of activity is a set of messages to extraterrestrial civilizations on the Voyager probes. Ann Druyanov, the widow of the famous astronomer Carl Sagan, is still on her feet on earth and continues what Sagan’s life’s work has been: to shout at a layman.

Few people could explain things as clearly as the winner of the American Academy of Sciences, Carl Sagan. His Cosmos is the best-selling popular science book of all time, and the TV series of the same name has become a cult, telling of the distant galaxies and the origin of the universe.

He has been working with his wife Ann Druyan since his arrest. The American screenwriter talked with Technet about both her late mui and why she is so important to humanity. Both are also involved in this series of changed series, which she shot at without Sagan, and is the first to be transferred to the National Geographic station.

Dream of what humanity can do once?
Very rda! Vnmm dreams like maps, let’s go after them. Maps that can inspire us. I often remember drawing in this context, among others, Manel created it as a one-year-old boy. Today, it is stored in the United States Congress, but once it must have looked like a very, very fantastic dream. This drawing is a mosaic of fictional newspaper insights, which illustrates our gradually conquering universe.

They are first about how we pistol on Msci, how we discovered signs of life on Venus, how we found in distant horses a suitable place to be inhabited by humans. Carl dreamed of it in 1945. Until then, humanity had not even launched a probe into space, we were twelve years away from Sputnik. He sat in a small apartment in the middle of Brooklyn, in very modest conditions. He had never met a single leader until then. And the furnace could see it clearly in front of him. Most importantly, it was the first man who, as an adult, led the first intergovernmental mission of mankind. Isn’t that a pdn message for anyone from us?

can we fulfill our dreams?
that imagination means a great service. Many of the great scientists of the past laughed madly at their contemporaries, they did not abandon their visions, and many of them were even willing to die for their sake. Just to prove that, emu v, it really works. We should shout for this urgent need to prove the truth, welcome to you. It has become a completely normal way for the government to communicate with us in the USA. Many people even know that they are deceived and do not mind. That is also why it is true. Don’t let people who choose to listen to her be so easily overwhelmed.

There is one thing we should all realize: It is not discipline for the elect. Not at all! Kadmu me very useful. And not only in terms of how great a civilization is today, when we can hardly do without the knowledge of great hi-tech. Mainly because it can serve as the most reliable indicator of nonsense. If. If you are interested in science at least a little, demagogues will manipulate you far.

I am convinced that even in the age of fake-news and many populist politicians, we need this ability more than ever before. In this, I see the biggest benefit of the series Cosmos. I know a lot of people who became interested in science and thanks to its first. You wouldn’t know how many times I’ve heard: Thanks to your series, I got my Ph.D. Jene o to Ph.D. again, not so much. It really gave me a lot more joy if watching our series motivates the girl to think about everything more in depth. Pimje is not passive, more doubts. Mt’s claims to his political leaders.

Ann Druyanov

Ann Druyanov s astrofyzikem Neil deGrasse Tysonem

To vs nauil Carl Sagan?
With a little bit of hope, he learned everything. Thanks to him, I found out that science is a great service. Ctm that Carl is now much more respected and loved than ever before. m dl vc turns out to be right in many things. The dreams he spoke about fifty, thirty, thirty years ago are gradually coming true. He was in many ways the only hunter. He never needed a hangman just to amaze another. On one side he was adorned with a written scientific approach, with skepticism. But none of that beat his ability to get absolutely excited about something. Mt in reindeer and out of life, out of the universe. Empathy, two, poetry. According to me, this is what the magic is all about. If someone has enough talented to combine this with everything, then his abilities run smoothly.

Under o talk to the spark in your eye.
I still just love him too. Twenty years of living together and communicating its values ​​to life gave me a very clear idea of ​​what is really important. Know that each organism can be judged by how it can adapt to its environment. And we, as an ivoin species, first got to some breaking point. Firstly, because we are massively interfering with the lives of other species, in some cases even fatal, but also because we have ventured into them in our own future. Pouena Carl’s obvious hard: Let’s move the truth into. Let’s pay more attention to other human beings as well as other forms of life. We grow bt nmsn and let’s not ignore blc disaster.

Do you mean climate change?
Of course.

Ann Druyanov

Ann Druyanov

On several occasions, you warned that the planet Earth may not belong forever.
My people, God forbid death, wherever we go. While staying on Earth is only a fraction of how long dinosaurs have lived on thle planets, it has taken them 180 million years, people only six million years. The dinosaurs did not realize then that their rais had come to an end. Let’s see. Of course we see! Then the simple question is: For God’s sake, don’t we break anything? In the 1960s, scientists Syukuro Manabe and Richard Wetherald accurately predicted how the planet would be adversely affected by global warming. When their pedpov is compared to reality, it is absolutely fascinating how they hit it.

Let’s just take it as proof of what can do everything. if he is able to protect us. We just have to listen to her. Unfortunately, this has not happened at all lately. The priority should be to be much more responsible. Behaving in this way, both in everyday life and in elections, we should give space not to demagogues who cultivate reality in their favor, but to individuals with respect for scientific knowledge. At the same time, the highest representatives are always not only cynical, but often unscathed.

I’ve always seen it on CNN. When the High American representative was more difficult for the president than the ecological darkness, it came out of them: Because we are afraid that if we drink with it beyond darkness, he will be angry.

What should that responsibility take in ordinary people?
One hundred things to think about, as the original people of America intended. Irokzov believed that their decision could have a major impact on life for seven generations. Therefore, they were very careful in what they said. We should follow this principle. Don’t just think about the day, the day. But even later, for a hundred years, even a thousand years.

Many people probably don’t like that.
Bohuel. To learn, we often keep cats. Mon is because popular culture looks full of other heroes, it should not. The most follower will be mt influencer, which goes shopping every day. Pesto, I’m not a skeptic. First, on the contrary, she was born an optimist. I see around me more and more people who are completely out of line. I was very inspired by what Greta Thunbergov said at the UN: People suffer, ivoin species die out, whole ecosystems collapse. And the only thing you can talk about are pensions and fairy tales about economic growth. That slena called it absolutely accurate!

Ann Druyanov

Ann Druyanov with her book

We need to change very quickly. How did he give the signal we want us to believe? Occurrences and the atmosphere are warming up after a while the wind was in full swing, the whole of Australia was on fire, in short we are confronted with the effects of climate change, which scientists predicted six years ago. We are like Nero, who, according to legend, could be involved.

Don’t you know me?
Natst is under jet as. Even in our series, we show a lot of pbh from the past, when, as humanity, we demonstrated our character, intelligence, ability and ability to acquire new possibilities. We have it in ourselves. We always got on MSc! That was a mtick milnk. The ancient historian Hrodotos kilns about the two Persian krill who dreamed of it. It was a dream for humanity. And in the end we fulfilled it. Also, it’s always just a matter of priorities. Again, it’s only on us.