The two vaccines against covid-19 will be five million years old, to esk the scientist

Rivalry is on the side of the development of vaccines against covid-19 Ivo Vojtek. This graduate microbiologist, who at GlaxoSmithKline deals with, among other things, the first vaccine, can look at the click of his work, but he knows what you think about the origin of the virus.


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Since the end of the year, the development of the SARS-CoV-2 virus vaccine has progressed greatly, Ivo Vojtek told moderator Vladimír Vokl in a Skype interview.

We have learned a lot about this pathogen in terms of genomic sequence, rapid tests have evolved very rapidly, and so that it has been possible to identify potential antigens that are vaccinated by such hearts, and advances in the study of this virus have increased.

Czech experts believe that the first vaccine will hit the market during the first year, but at the end of the year. According to this, according to Vojtek, millions of vaccines (even specially vaccinated) against the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 should be on the market at the end of five years. This is real, the assumption is based on existing capacities, said Ivo Vojtek.

The vaccine should be resistant to various changes in the virus itself, which the specialist calls antigenic drift and, as with seasonal lace, can respond to. According to current knowledge, there is no known mutation in the SRAD-CoV-2 virus that would complicate vaccine development.

The information to go to the editorial office is somewhat supplemented by one example. For example, the danger of a European mutation, which has been reported in the media in recent days, including iDnes, poses a certain hypothetical risk. The change in work (available here) despite the titles only controlled another virus from 11 different patients per cell culture in the laboratory. She did not ascertain whether a similar mutation actually occurred between humans, so she could not even determine in a qualified manner whether a virus with this and that mutation was actually dangerous for the hunter.

Of course, scientists study mutations in the virus, and there is a general consensus that the changes in the virus are not large, as Ivo Vojtek said. There are even quite a few reasons to assume that the virus will evolve in such a way that the host – that is, the people – encodes in my opinion.

At least 60% percent provocation

The provocation needed to prevent the virus is related to the severity of the disease. There are models that calculate how many people have to be so that the pathogen does not live up, Vojtek explained.

With the SARS-Cov-2 virus, the basic reproductive component (R) ranged between about 2 and 3 before the introduction of various measures. This means that one infected person on average transmitted the disease to two or three people. Ivo Vojtek reminds that according to the model, such an infection (ie with such an R) should be stopped prookovn about 60 percent of the population. (No provocation of the disease has slowed in me in line with my provocation, but it does not guarantee that the disease will continue to grow and not cause a similar epidemic, it would be local.)

How is a pandemic vaccine distributed? The vaccine must be given first to those who need it most. First of all, it is the health professionals who come into contact with patients, then the most endangered groups, Vojtek explains.

Vvoj nap firmami

Our company GSK has developed about six partnerships during the development of the vaccine, it describes the current state of microbiologists. The company focuses on providing expertise and support to all partners who have promising projects.

As far as Sanofi and GSK, which are the largest vaccine manufacturers in the world, are concerned, however competitive they have taken such a party, the expert thinks.

According to Ivo Vojtek, more than 60 vaccines are currently being prepared. Two of them are tested in humans (so far only in small sweats, mainly to check the safety of the substance, not its activity). One is being developed in collaboration with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Vaccine safety

Vaccine safety is extremely important for us, Vojtek explains the approach of companies in the development and sale of vaccines. According to him, the safety analysis never vaccinates and safety is monitored throughout its life cycle.

The vaccine, and will be used en masse, will continue to monitor their safety profiles, the microbiologist describes the situation.

That is why the regulatory authorities will not resign in their way in one way, even though the demand for accelerated vaccine development is now enormous. Security is always in the first place, Vojtek said in an interview. Pesto realizes that any interference with the hunter’s body is not without risk.

Tk se i vaccn. The observation, according to which the first GSK vaccine against Mexican lace (A H1N1) increased the risk of narcolepsy in the people, attracted a lot of attention not only in scientific circles.

Narcolepsy is one of the monch complications after the H1N1 chip virus. It has been described in some obts of the pan-lace pandemic virus, which was thus of the H1N1 subtype. There is also an explanation for this mechanism, according to which a vaccine could cause the same mechanism in the event of a virus. (In the case of a vaccine, the effect should be weak because it contains less disease-causing proteins.)

According to Vojtek, this case is only a seeming connection. According to him, this is a time, not a pinnacle related to the development of a rare disease connection with the vaccine. According to him, this naturally leads to the connection of these two events.

In essence, according to Vojtek, this is a similar case as the alleged connection between the MMR vaccine and the occurrence of autism. Vojtek states that although many studies have twisted the connection, the claim still returns regularly.

Pvod novho koronaviru

In the interview, the moderator also came across the issue of the origin of the virus and whether it is at all vdt how its origin is. For the development of the vaccine, it is really important to know the genomic sequence and immunological aspects, said the microbiologist. When, where and under what circumstances to transfer to the hunter’s dolo, he is undercut.

According to Vojtek, the probability of bleaching is certain that SARS-CoV-2 is a virus that originally circulated somewhere between bats and snakes, not when hunting. It is a development that is quite common, k. It is also still true that the hunter reaches deeper into the prow and also densely densely populated by wild wildlife.

It’s something that took her for a long time and was watched a few years before dark, not covid-19 broke out. Thus, studies were created that monitored the development of the virus with the potential to be transmitted to the hunter in the country, concluded Ivo Vojtek.