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Experiments have confirmed that the classic surgical drape significantly reduces the occurrence of coronavirus in exhaled air. The World Health Organization has reportedly contradicted the issue. On the one hand, he recommends them, on the other hand, he does not want the people to think that he protects the wearer.

The Czech Republic is one of the countries that gave the obligatory noen rouky at the 19th of March. In making this decision, her existing activities were based on both the surgical and home surgeries of cotton.


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So far, information has been used on how microscopic strokes pass through the veil. A new study, published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature (PDF), looked directly at how the hand reduces the amount of virus and coronavirus in exhaled air.

To this end, the researchers used patients to be infected with the given viruses to make the result realistic. Sweat with a special device to detect the presence of this virus in exhaled air (without and with a veil).


Gesundheit-II device for exhaled air collection (illustrated photo from another study)

Let us add that the name took place in 2013 and 2016, so it was not the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, but other types of coronavirus (NL63, OC43 and HKU1). However, there is no reason to believe that equally large seizures with the new coronavirus would behave differently.

The mask filtered off the coronavirus in the breath

Not when the virus is stopped the same. However, surgical procedures show that it can effectively reduce the amount of lace virus exhaled into the environment in the form of droplets, but not in the form of aerosols (sewers less than five micrometers), the researchers said. However, we have shown that the surgical hand is effective in stopping coronavirus in the form of drops and aerosols.

With surgical mask to

With a surgical mask, there was a slight decrease in coronavirus-containing streams

The results are particularly persistent with coronaviruses. The veil prevented any measurable transmission, while without a mask, the virus was detected in both droplets and aerosols (in 30% and 40% of patients, respectively). For other viruses, it was measured measurably, but not so clearly.

In coronavir

In coronavirus the surgical mask was very innovative, in other viruses it was a bit more.

As the Gesundheit-II is inhaled during collection of exhales and as we have been breathing for 30 minutes, it seems that long-term contact with the virus is necessary for the transmission of the virus through the air.

Masks offer little protection, experts say

The fact that the ducts filter out the coronavirus from the exhaled air does not mean that the ducts themselves stop the disease. The Scientific Study on International Darkness (not yet reviewed by the review) summarizes the available scientific knowledge on the effects of the guidelines on infectious diseases and concludes: Most published studies on this darkness have been suggested. There is not enough evidence that the masks themselves prevent the virus. Scientists recommend that the handles be used as an adjunct to other precautions, not as the main precaution.

The two largest health care organizations differ in their recommendations. The US Advisory for the Prevention of the Disease (CDC) recommends noen veils and home-made products to slow down the disease. On the contrary, the World Health Organization (WHO) in the new document recommends that the mask be worn only by people with symptoms of infection, people caring for infection and professionals who are at risk.

There is evidence that the hand will help slow down lace-like viruses through droplets in the document. But there is no evidence now that noen rouky will help slow down covid-19 infections.

With this document, the World Health Organization emphasizes especially what everyone in the Czech Republic promotes in hands: your hands protect others, the hands of others In other words, the hand is used to prevent the droplets from scattering into the surroundings, not to filter the virus out of the inhaled air. In the words of the WHO: Noen rouky is one of the preventive measures that can reduce some of the respiratory infectious viruses, including covid-19. But the veil itself is not enough and adequate protection, and it is necessary to apply and give measures.

The document thus repeats the previous WHO warning, because the first hand does not increase the risk. Unconditionally, therefore, the WHO recommends wearing only a certain group, and do not let the individual states set the rules for noen rouek in pandemic times: from their experience, add WHO on Twitter.

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There is no easy answer as to whether or not the tubes prevent the transmission of new coronavirus to a large extent. Viruses come in three different ways: droplets in the air (about a distance of two meters), a dog droplets on the surface, possibly by touch. And so far it is not entirely clear how it is according to the individual types of infection.

It is obvious that the virus is most often prolonged contact: When you are with them more than two minutes at a distance of less than two meters, you should have a hand, think the leaders Paul Glasziou and Chris Del Mar, who participated in her changed study. But emphasize that this is just one of the possibilities. As an option that does not require sweat, they are known to wear handkerchiefs in public places. In order for it to be functional, people without symptoms must also be woven, because they can also ignite the virus.

Noen rouky also has a significant psychological role, which will be very difficult in the laboratory. By wearing a veil in public, I send out a visual signal: I know that I am a potential foam for a dangerous virus. And even though I don’t think I’m in danger right now, it’s clear that no one thought of themselves. That’s why I wear a veil and I’m glad you wear it like that, because it protects me.

The well-known noise of the hand undoubtedly has a range of not only limited constriction from the exhaled air to the surroundings. It is also an inescapable reminder that he is in an unusual situation. This inevitably affects our breeding and the breeding of others.

As a visual foreign element, the pipe automatically recalls the current common standard. Let’s avoid people with an arc, let’s not close the closed space with them and be careful what we touch. Hundreds of such reminders a day can ultimately be affected by the physical barrier itself.