Positive tests on Korean patients excluded from covid-19 were mistaken

Unusual cases of patients who even in the weeks after the spread of the virus were days of imperfection of the tests used.

The uncertainty surrounding the new coronavirus is still high. A few weeks ago, they also received information about patients who, after a few weeks from being discharged from the hospital, had a positive test for the presence of the virus (in Czech places, they were written about quite a year). Most of such cases came from Jin Korea (there were eventually more than 260), they also appeared in other countries.

She offered various explanations. The least pleasant thing would be that the virus was able to hide somehow in the body of the infected to re-awaken for life for some time (because viruses are not generally considered live, the use was thermally reactivated).

It was not clear how this could happen. There are viruses for which we can imagine it relatively easily. Pkladem me bt HIV. It (and some gave viruses) penetrates the infested cell directly into its core. It converts its genetic information from the original RNA form into DNA. It captures the city in the genetic information of the host and translates to this city. In the cell, the virus production manual is hard-coded and can be restarted in the future. often on the basis of completely obscure or unknown signals, and therefore unexpected.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus is not a virus. I do not have a suitable tool to write in the core of the beech (even exactly at least a day that we would know from elsewhere). Mon is obvious, but when first announced, a number of experts from around the world have pointed out that the test results may not be much better than the virus itself. A detailed reading of Korean experts eventually led to the conclusion that this initial suspicion was the first and flaw was a technology flaw, not a new skewed property of the virus.

iv, or dead, the test does not recognize

The probability is relatively simple: PCR tests detect the presence of genetic information of the virus, specifically RNA viruses, in the sample (now usually from the mucosa of the test subject). The test can also determine whether a given DNA fragment is from an active or inactive virus.

In the given cases, therefore, the tests apparently captured only waste, fragments of viral seedlings, which the body could not get rid of. It takes some time for the organism to calm down due to the virus, and during this time, fragments of RNA viruses may appear in the tests.

The veracity of these assumptions was verified by scientists in Korea and others, most notably by examination. In this case, SARS-CoV-2 attempted to develop from samples taken from patients, but in no case was it possible. In this case, it was probable that the case of a false positive test result and repeated infection may not occur, or at least not.

Of course, we don’t know about the virus by far. At this point, no one can guarantee that the people who sold the disease will actually protect you for only a short period of time, they would create counterparts (a short period of time, because the protection rate is very likely to gradually decline). But so far it seems very likely. This works for other similar viruses as well. In addition, SARS-CoV-2 does not mutate at all, so the immune system should recognize it again on the basis of the counterpart.

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