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Who’s two? Nor Roald Amundsen won the soup of another ton during the freezing Antarctic summer of 1911/1912. For the British Robert F. Scott, the seduction turned into a tragedy. The series on the most significant human discoveries was published by Magazn Vkend.

Literally known about the feelings in the customs from both pens have been preserved. In this is Amundsenov, associated with December 14, 1911 and the darkness of the dark, is:

Joy and pride lived on the floor and in search of the flag, which rippled over the breed with a sharp crack. I decided that this historical event must be divided among all of us. One hunter was not allowed to do this, but all those who were holding on to each other in those moments. A floor of olehanch, frosty fists grabbed you, raised the flag and was the first to land it on another beach.

Scott, who arrived at the beach later than Amundsen, wrote down overwhelmed: We returned a pile of snow and raised a path, then Union Jack Snow my day, goodbye!

Amundsen originally served the north, but when he heard that he would not be the first, he turned south. He had experience with the icy lands, including part of the Belgian Antarctic expedition, and was the first to sail through the Northwest Passage around the northern coast of North America. The knowledge from those reports then matured on the way to another platform.

Scott wasn’t new either. He first went to another regiment in January 1902, when he did not sleep. He fell there again in July 1910, only then did the first Amundsen enter the game, who decided to be the first this time. With Kunun, Fram landed at the Antarctic Run in January 1911, and after long mass preparations, he set off to the south.


Amundsen’s organization of the report was later compared to a virtually performed composition. Finln tactically reduced the tact to five times equipped with 52 ps and three san. The experience that dogs are the best pullers came from the Eskimos, as well as inspiration from their durable clothing made of bear coins.


Souso vtzn norsk polrn vpravy

Only careful sweating, a healthy barrel, immense patience in the preparation of every small piece of equipment and a careful procedure can ensure in the polar regions of the shower, he wrote.

On the way to the plula, they built up to store food for the return journey at optimal intervals, and with the still light sleigh they traveled even more than thirty kilometers a day.

After all, the freezing region prepared dramatic moments for them: the threat of an abyss hidden under thin ice, climbing into high mountains, descending steep glacial slopes, covering snow up to the neck, zuiv boue.

But the journey also offered magnificent experiences. The sun illuminated the high mountain massifs. It was a landscape like a fairy tale, bl, azure, red and black. Words can’t pour out the play of colors, Amundsen wrote.

They reached their southernmost point on December 14, 1911. Roald Amundsen, Olav Olavson Bjaaland, Hilmer Hanssen, Sverre H. Hassel, Oscar Wisting. Those days they wrote the men, left a letter for Scott, and with the valuable material they turned to the ship Fram. The journey to the pollen and back, about a thousand kilometers, took them less than a hundred days.


Scott’s tragedy did not end only when he arrived at the plaza on January 17, 1912. He made fatal mistakes in his preparations.

Among other things, he had special suits made for his team, which, unlike the Amundsen coins, never dried up and the people were desperately frozen in them. In addition to ps, he bet on sleigh engines, which soon failed, and on ponchos that did not drink harsh conditions. Scott’s exhausted mui thli naloen san sami.

None of them came back. In a tent confused with a snowstorm, on February 29, 1912, the dying Scott wrote the last thing in his diary: I don’t think we can hope for a day of gluing Probh, take care of ours! Ptrac married him and in November.

His tragedy eventually plunged into Amundsen’s stronghold, he fought with him for a long time.

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