HUNDRED DISCOVERY: The first refrigerator was a hard rock and was like two cars

In order for the refrigerator to cool down, it had to be a crank. He put it up and one ukivdn Amerian, who, with many of his inventions, was ahead of his time. The series on the most significant human discoveries was published by Magazn Vkend.

True gnomes seldom lead a real happy life. The example is the Amerian Oliver Evans, who at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries saw with more than eighty inventions, died, the bag became bitter and unrecognized. Just before his death, he led to his first discoveries and fifteen concurrent litigation.

The endless struggle angered him so much that he demonstratively fulfilled a bunch of his drawings with innovations in progress. Even so, it is such a significant figure that historian Sigfried Giedion said: Evans wrote a new chapter in the djinch of humanity.

Veuml is also known as the inventor of glaciers. The fact that he designed it in 1805 never made a bag. This was completed by compatriot Jacob Perkins a dozen years later.

ouralov could argue that the whole pbh started to go much dv. An experiment with an artificial freezer was demonstrated in 1756 by the Scottish scientist William Cullen, who, according to him, was quite a brave boy who spent as a lion on the naval ships. You wouldn’t buy its refrigerator, because it required a constant handle.

Lta pokus

Cullen’s idea of ​​kadopdn found followers. Two after Perkins, another Scot, James Harrison, worked on a huge ice machine, and in the second half of the 19th century, the inventors promoted a system of refrigerator compressors.

The real electric house, in which we can hide everything from eggs and beer, can be considered a General Electric refrigerator from 1911. Despite the fact that it also had its shortcomings: the price at which you would buy two cars. And then a certain inactivity made his compressor so unbearable that his families placed him in a cellar.

Refrigerators with prominent ice cut from ponds and cakes have slowly become an archaic sentence anyway. A big leap was the discovery of two female students who drank on the so-called absorption cooling, ie those who do not require mechanical energy. We started to freon, in the 1940s, separate frosts broke out.

The wife of the American ambassador to the USSR sometimes plowed her nose over Moscow food for so long, and became a pioneer in the field of black food, she did not want to take them home.

The refrigerators at that time were not entirely for the rich, from the USA they went all over the world. Today we would not be able to survive without them.

Pedasn discoveries

Oliver Evans would probably not be surprised by this progress, he did not doubt his ideas. The idea of ​​a steam compression cold cycle was just one of many you would spend your time with. He also assembled a high-pressure steam engine, assembling the first amphibious vehicle to clean the riverbed in Philadelphia.

He researched improvements for the textile industry and dog riders, who are usually seen at supermarket checkouts. He worked out a study of a machine gun, working on a unique way of retrieving sunken ships. He built mills, introducing an automated production process to this idea a hundred years later by Henry Ford.

When a wolf broke out between the Americans and Great Britain in 1812, Evans designed the Washington Vld to build a armored vessel. Politicians rejected his novelty, he applied a similar lot and John Ericsson fifty years later.

Even at such times, he turned from a two-day-old boy to a string of poisonous, seductive peppers. Due to the disputed authorship, a lot of the inventors went to court in one piece, it was not healthy. It is actually paradoxical that no one in the fall of the glacier has been denied him in his lifetime. Pestoe saw her only on the pope.

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