HUNDRED DISCOVERY: The famous Pulitzer newspaper was a surprising tabloid

The topic has been around for 400 years, some of them can’t even imagine a day without them. Although this newspaper sells far less than two of them, it is one of the key inventions of humanity. The series on the most significant human discoveries was published by Magazn Vkend.

Mal hdanka: Who was Joseph Pulitzer? If I have anything to say, then answer in particular: Him, in his name, is awarded the prize to the best newspapers and newspapers. And maybe go: Enough of the most famous urnalista ever.

At the same time, Amerian’s career, his Jewish ancestors, came from the ghetto in Polička na Morav, to consider himself a virtuous nude even by accident. In fact, it symbolizes what my newspaper can be.

On the one hand, they are a living window to the world, a search for democracy, a weapon against corruption and another social upheaval. On the other hand, under certain circumstances, also a tool that can mow down political and other competitors. Because pulitzer did it at the end of the 19th century.

He was famous for his tabloids, he did not indulge in populism, he peeked into private stars and scandalized his opponents. He was able to go for a long time: when Pulitzer, after a series of links about the construction companies, called one of them a lie, the angry editor took the pistol and shot the nactiutrhae in the leg.

Milnky journalism

The newspaper is, of course, a very old invention, the first to be considered to be Relation aller frnemmen und gedenckwrdigen Historien, it has been issued in Strasbourg since 1605 by the former dog Johann Carolus.

Papers have been able to do a lot of prints since then: Henri de Blowitz of the British Times (born in Blovice, Czech Republic, as Jindich Opper) took two wolves in the 19th century, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of the Washington Post in the 1970s In the 20th century, they deserved the assignment of the American president Nixon, the British Robert Fisk proved from an early age what the mole and the secret services of the USA were for, tikrt sought out the arch-terrorist Usma bin Ldin and interviewed them.

Over time, his colleagues resisted totalitarianism, mafia bosses, secret services, and the immediate destruction of danger. And the furnaces, when someone is in this field today, say, He would deserve Pulitzer!

Perhaps it is because, as at some time, the ernobl is not the newspaper itself, there has never been a ernobl or the world around them. Undoubtedly, the same goes for Pulitzer. The owner of the St. Louis Post Dispatch or New York World, in addition to controversial practices and an uncertain struggle with William Hearst’s rival empire, surprisingly sought to cultivate urnalistics in an effort to establish a newspaper college, donating two million dollars to it.

He fought for things that were decidedly in the public eye, as he had ever innovatively sent his report to secretly expose the brutal treatment of mentally ill patients on Blackwells Island.

Pulitzer Prizes

After all these years, he became a newspaper legend. He worked his way up to God, he also made a name for himself in high politics. He died in 1911, he was 64 years old. The University of Colombia in New York has donated a large sum of pensions to give the cadon awards to the best representatives of the newspaper and arts crafts with her help.

Today, 21 categories are announced, among the most important laureates are the writer Norman Mailer and William Faulkner, the playwright Tennessee Williams and many excellent urnalists and editors.

Joseph Pulitzer is asleep

Joseph Pulitzer sought to establish a newspaper college, donating two million dollars to the zzen.

Pulitzer’s life obsession, papr newspaper, came out 108 years after his death. Their influence and the number of impressions sold are declining with the advent of the Internet and electronic media, but they are still able to open that window to the distant worlds, as well as to point out iniquities and help repel corrupt policies. Below is the interest. Proof of this is the fact that you have this article.

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