Hackei dog on the weekend try to help patients with multiple sclerosis

More than a hundred Czech and foreign hackers will try to find one of the lots associated with multiple sclerosis within a time limit of twenty-one hours. This will happen in the framework of the International Neurological Hackathon.

Students, scientists, innovators, makei and enthusiasts from the Czech Republic and abroad will be looking over the weekend for the three problems that afflict patients with this inexhaustible neurological disease.

The specific problems depend on the stage of the disease. The water is sacrificed to absorb the disease. It is a chronic and at that time incurable disease, and therefore it is important to accept the fact that they usually fall ill for life as a young hunter. This, of course, raises concerns about one’s own future, gave rise to the disease and the like, explains the neurologist and mentor at the hackathon Zbyek Pavelek.

It is thus very difficult to cope with the very manifestations of the disease. Limiting are especially nava and gait failure. In later years, they may have to worry about self-care, adds Pavelek.

First, with regard to the fact that the disease is not overflowing humanity, three circuits were designed for the hackathon, their purpose is to help patients to live a full life and mitigate the consequences.

The biggest problem for patients with multiple sclerosis is the fact that from their position they can only hardly affect the disease. There is such a big plus in what they can do for themselves, explains the neurologist. The first to do this is to use a personal motivator who will motivate patients to regular physical and mental exercise and to maintain a healthy life.

Another challenge for innovators will be the design of the detector equals stress and, in addition, what are the factors that negatively affect the course of the disease. The fourth round is to create a home rehabilitation facility for young people and a device for diagnosing and monitoring the condition of patients.

Hackerm will be available to both neurologists and patients suffering from the disease. Participants will consult with them on ideas and procedures. Lkai and gave experts here will act as mentors.

The event runs until Sunday, June 27. It is organized by the CEE Hacks group, mainly the price of one hundred thousand crowns is donated by Novartis.