Dangerous lip. esk does not pose an electrical health risk

The main health issue is currently the coronavirus epidemic, but before it broke out, the effect of mercury poisoning was also widely discussed. It occurs in emisch from coal-fired power plants and children with fat. There is ada mt and ambiguity around mercury. Should we actually bt this tk metal, or is it a given product in the modern fear business?

Lip is a metal, but it does not look like it at all, because under normal conditions it has a liquid state. We all know it from thermometers and amalgm seals, the bag is abandoned from its use, because it is really a very poisonous and dangerous danger. For the same reason, its concentration in air, water and soil has recently been studied.

On the planet, the lip occurs in small concentrations of natural and in its environment it is accessible by either common processes or human activity. The mercury cycle itself is natural, it is just a matter of ensuring the least possible impact of mercury on human health.

According to a number of studies (see, for example, the article in the magazine Vesmr), at present, mercury emissus is currently based on sales and human activity roughly full, some studies even claim that natural resources are based on non-human ones. Sovereignly the most important sales sources are the valuations, which release into the cycle about half of the total amount of mercury from the sold sources and the evening of mercury circulating in the atmosphere comes from the valuation of about 35%. Other natural sources of mercury are, for example, volcanic activity, forest pore and so on. Of the anthropogenic sources, the most important is the combustion of fossil fuels, of which about 11% of all mercury comes into the air (and more than a third of human activity emits mercury). The first focus on this area is therefore.

Worldwide travel of mercury

According to the integrated register, only Czech coal-fired power plants release hundreds of kilograms of mercury into the air. As an absolute value, it seems to be a worse value, however, in reality, there is only about 0.00003 grams of mercury in a cubic meter of flue gas from the power plant. Jan Hovorka from the Laboratory for the Study of Air Quality of the Prodovdeck Faculty of Charles University shows how much it is. Imagine flue gases and mercury atoms as ping pong. If we fill them with the crack of the O2 arna, then about 20 mk will be mercury atoms. Find and remove about 15 mercury mk is then around the new technologies of capturing mercury in the flue gas, to Hovorka.

Of the total amount of emissions, the electrical minimum will fall directly in the vicinity, professional literature states 35%, some cars mention and 20%. The rest will become a long-term deteriorator, and due to the chemical stability of mercury, metal run-off can thus embark on an intercontinental journey, points out Miroslav Hork, who worked in this area at Sev.en Engineering. According to Horka mert, the claim supports the study of the VB-TUO in Ostrava. Due to its low reactivity, it travels through the atmosphere in gaseous form for about a year.

So we have an inn with a similar problem as in the case of glass gases: Emissions vary in the atmosphere practically all over the world, and so it is not bad for the position of the source to be reduced. This hypothesis is also confirmed by the variance of the study prepared for Elektrrna Chvaletice, according to n according to the power plant, the concentration of mercury in the environment reaches a maximum of 0.002% of the limit value recommended by the World Health Organization. For fullness: that limit value is 1 microgram / m3 and represents the dangerous value during long-term exposure.

As a result, in an effort to reduce mercury emissions, it is necessary to look around the world’s largest issuers. According to a UN study called the Global Mercury Assessment, Asia ranks entirely sovereignly in eastern and south-eastern Asia (38.6%), while the European Union produces only 3.5% of the world’s mercury emissions. According to HM, the Czech Republic releases about 2.5 tons of mercury, which corresponds to a global share of one hundredth of a percent. For comparison: this amount of emissions produce on with the Indians in a single day.

A much-discussed chapter is in connection with the mercury activity of cremators, due to incinerators or amalgmic charges. In recent years, cremation accounts for 78% of all movements in R and one is released on average 2 and 4 grams of mercury. If there are about 110 thousand people in our country in a year, it means that about 260 kg of mercury is released from cremators in the same time, to Miroslav Hork. Although even here it is true that most of the fumes grow from the source for a long way through the atmosphere, in the soil near the crematorium were found higher concentrations of mercury not in the control sites.


Rtu se pouv pi nelegln tb zlata

As a pearl, you can go to change the craft of gold, which still takes place in about 70 countries around the world. Under very primitive conditions, the gold is separated from the rock by the help of mercury and deer, and as an unwanted by-product, the leak did not have much evaporation into the air. It is estimated that in this way our kadoron atmosphere will be enriched by 350 tons of mercury!

Psn rules

They look absolutely threatening, but they are noticeable to them in a global context, and especially what the specific environmental and health threat to the lip in our surroundings is. Most people will be especially careful when handling the old mercury thermometer and reject the classic amalgm at the dentist’s. However, environmental protection is also improving, for example, a new limit of 7 micrograms of mercury per cubic meter of flue gas will apply to power plants in the EU from August 2021.

that this is a very strict limit, also show the experience of Frantik Hrdlika, a member of the coal commission of the professor of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, BUT. Emission limits are usually set by a professional group preparing for the data base of known design technologies and its drainage. In the second round, EU member states comment on this proposal and then it is approved by the Council. Unfortunately, this procedure was not followed in the case of mercury. The working group even included in its propost weights the values, which were so-called estimated, and chose the lowest one in the finale, describes Hrdlik’s procedure. The EU has therefore set limits on driving hard in the area of ​​new cars and CO emissions, which is much discussed today2.

Molekula rtu

Molecule rtui

In this place you have to highlight the nature of the input fuel. While black coal has more mercury and more chloride, which can oxidize mercury, which makes it easier to capture, its angular characteristics are precisely controlled, and mercury emissions are a complicated technical problem, especially when incinerated in sheet metal boilers.

The result of our EU guidelines is that the plates of Czech and European coal-fired power plants and heating plants give an exception to be able to invest and tune technologies to reduce emissions. According to the water, they have to catch 15 of the 20 ping pong mk with a completely filled O2 Arna.

Whenever the source requires only one dimension and nowhere can it be determined in advance what and how will work in continuous operation. We move on the level of applied research completely without oversight. We are currently preparing the installation of so-called calf filters, which will help reduce the emissions of solid pollutants, but mercury first, to the CEO of Elektrrny Chvaletice, Vclav Matys.

Debatable effect

In addition, the whole effect of written measures will be only slight. Even if all operators actually make billions in investment and improve emissions, mercury will not get rid of the global environmental problem. Reduction of mercury emissions in the Czech Republic brings only a slight reduction in its concentration in the air, while this concentration in our long-term range is well below the limits set by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a danger of long-term exposure. The remaining 96.5% of global issues would not be affected by these two investments.

For this reason, at the end of 2018, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) concluded that it is not appropriate and necessary to regulate mercury emissions from thermal power plants, because the costs do not correspond at all to environmental benefits. Of course, you can invest a lot, but the investment must be justified and must be objectively drilled. And here it is up to you to ask how long the given resources would have to remain in operation in order for the investments to be meaningful in terms of benefit for the health of the people and for the operators to really wake up, adds Professor Hrdlik.

In the Czech context of the lip, he definitely does not belong to the group of polluting substances that warm our environment the most. It is, of course, the right to invest in reducing the emissions of all polluting substances, but it is worth increasing the amount of money spent. Even the Czech hydrometeorological state and the Ministry of the Environment regularly repeat that the biggest problems of the Czech air are nitrogen oxides in traffic-congested localities and solid pollutants produced mainly by local heating. Wouldn’t it be wise to invest all those billions in this direction?