Public Finance officers on strike on Tuesday

Downsizing, closing services… Tax officials are called to strike across France on Tuesday. A social movement that takes place on the last day when taxpayers can pay their housing tax.

Public finance officials are called to strike this Tuesday. Objective stated: to denounce the reduction in the workforce and “the degradation of the public service”, resulting from the declaration and payment of taxes on the internet, according to the unions who call for mobilization. In total, 1,800 jobs should be eliminated in the tax administration by the end of 2017. Gatherings have already taken place, especially in Dijon and Melun.

“In ten years, we have suffered 500 job cuts in Seine-et-Marne”, explain strikers. “Before, two sites existed in Melun and surroundings with a total of 40 agents. The two sites have merged and our service in Melun covers a catchment area of ​​200,000 inhabitants, with 18 agents ”. “In the Alpes-Maritimes, we lose around forty jobs per year!” “Suddenly, it is more difficult to meet the demands of taxpayers.”

As a result, several tax centers, such as Nice or Metz, should be closed to the public on Tuesday.

This social movement comes as taxpayers have until midnight to pay. Don’t panic, however, the deadline is extended until November 20, for those who have decided to pay online.