Pôle emploi and a gifted Big Data man launch a tool to stop unemployment

FIGARO DEMAIN – Paul Duan, a 24-year-old French entrepreneur who came to Silicon Valley, has set himself the goal of finding jobs for the unemployed thanks to an algorithm. Supported by the Ministry of Labor, he created the bob-emploi site inaugurated on Wednesday.

Paul Duan, the creator of a non-profit start-up, signed a partnership with Pôle emploi last May. , the one that the government was waiting for as the Messiah announces the launch of a new tool to fight against unemployment.

It’s a platform that uses Big Data – Big Data – to help job seekers get back to work. This “digital companion” called “bob-emploi” is launched this Wednesday in partnership with Pôle Emploi, which has opened its databases to entrepreneurs. The objective is to “give back power to all the unemployed” by supporting them on a daily basis.

This “citizen public service”, the situation of each unemployed person, and is also based on the anonymous journeys of millions of previous unemployed. The project of this 24-year-old Frenchman, originally from Trappes, is supported by Jamel Debouzze, the Elysée and the Ministry of Labor, who put Paul Duan in touch with Pôle emploi.

A budget of 800,000 euros

Concretely, the user first provides information on his background and then the program provides him with a diagnosis in order to build an “optimal” job search strategy, or to offer training, based in particular on previous experiences. Then, the platform offers daily support: “We can hold the hand of each unemployed person over time. Because a job search lasts twelve months on average and you have to keep up the pace and morale, ”Paul Duan analyzes.

Every day, bob-emploi suggests five actions to advance in research: redoing their CV, contacting companies that are recruiting, getting in touch with identified networks… “Every day, the person will have at least fulfilled one objective”, details he does. One way to simplify the path of the unemployed in the meanders of Pôle Emploi and the multiple support structures.

The site, with a budget of 800,000 euros (public funding and sponsorship), also aims to redirect people to jobs in tension, using existing data. “The idea is not to tell a baker to work as a plumber but to provide information to see the jobs that work, to pretend that each unemployed person is an expert on the job market”, specifies the founder of the site.

“The Pôle Emploi advisor will have more time to play his role of expert, because people remain essential”

Paul Duan, founder of Bayes Impact

The activity of the user of the site will be confidential and shared with the Pôle emploi advisor “only if he wants” because “the idea is not to police the unemployed”. The advisor will for his part have more time to “play his role of expert, because the human being remains essential”, according to Paul Duan, who underlines the “complementarity” between the IT tool and Pôle Emploi.

This gifted Big Data had launched a major challenge: to overcome unemployment thanks to a powerful algorithm! Paul Duan followed brilliant studies which took him from the Lycée de Buc in Yvelines, to the Sorbonne and Sciences Po, then in Silicon Valley to the prestigious University of Berkeley. Across the Atlantic, in 2014 he created not a classic start-up but an NGO, “Bayes Impact”. Its ambition: not to rake in commercial profits but to solve social problems and “make the Earth a better place”! Moreover, the NGO presents itself as “a group of pragmatic idealists who believe that data, well used, can help solve the main global problems”.

The NGO is not at its first feat of arms. After helping to detect fraud and defaults for American micro-credit companies, the organization has helped ambulance companies optimize the route of their vehicles. Then the data helped prevent certain complications for patients in hospitals by scrutinizing their records. It remains to be seen whether the data will be just as effective in combating unemployment in France.