We tried the beautiful Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which has flexible glass

San Francisco (From the Mobil.iDNES.cz newsletter) –

At an event in San Francisco, Samsung presented its new smartphone with a flexible display. The expected Galaxy Z Flip has peak equipment, easy workmanship, and will go on sale very soon. This minimalist and technically advanced smartphone is definitely interesting.

While on the new Galaxy S20 models, customers will have to repent, usually a kind of Samsung with a flexible display, the new cover of the Galaxy Z Flip, will be used for store shelves around the world. The high price (38,990 crowns) means that it will still be a very luxurious item, on the other hand it is the most affordable smartphone with a flexible display for global markets.

So Galaxy Z Flip let’s predict solid spch. This is exactly the model that many users have been waiting for. Galaxy Fold as a tablet folded into your pocket will only attract someone here and there, but the compact lid is a machine that appeals to the audience. This is also due to the fact that he combines modern and sci-fi technology with a kind of nostalgia from the times when metal construction was an important affair.

Besides, the Galaxy Z Flip really looks out of time. The shapes are simple, and minimalist, compared to the Galaxy Fold Psob Z Flip, a bit ordinary, but actually in the good sense of the word. It’s not a big day, it’s like something like this has been around for a long time, it’s completely natural, of course. Literally with a huge self-confidence from the device, which will undoubtedly entice the user.

At first glance, the design is not as catchy and does not play such an emotional note as with Motorola and its Razr, but Z Flip is elegant and timeless. And the workmanship is absolutely perfect. Even though we took a moment on Razr and he liked his joint, Z Flip is a bit longer. The joint is very strong, when opened, unlike the Galaxy Fold, the phone is set in any position, it can also be used even when it is fully open.

The user environment is also adapted to this, during which, for example, the viewfinder of the camera is displayed only in the upper half of the display, only after it is fully opened will it appear across the entire screen. In this way, you can take pictures with the phone open on the table, the ground and other substrates.

It works similarly elsewhere in the user environment: at the top is the text above, at the bottom of the keyboard, when watching videos on YouTube at the top of the content, at the bottom of the comments, and so on. Thanks to this, Flip will be practical and there will be a lot of situations where the phone and applications can be used comfortably, when the device will be just half-open on the table.

In the folded state, there is again a small gap in the location of the joint caused by the rounding of the display. But it’s less than Galaxy Fold and it doesn’t matter to us. The gap also helps to try to open the phone with one hand. What’s more, you don’t have to. You can slide your finger between the halves and simply flip the phone, without the user having to worry about display damage.

This is not just the plastic film that all existing devices with a flexible panel have: the Galaxy Z Flip has a display cover made of real flexible synthetic glass, which is as hard to the touch as the glass on the display of a regular smartphone. In the place of the joint, the bend is honored and visible (it is less noticeable in the Fold), but the overall display makes an excellent impression.

At first glance, the 6.7-inch display is taller and taller, much like Sony’s regular smartphones. This is especially true of the text, the video will not be used on the sides when watching in side mode, but at least the user will not be disturbed in the image by a small ring in the middle of the top of the display, which contains a selfie camera. By the way, there will be handcuffs and a small external display for the selfie.

The aspect ratio of the main display is a specific 22: 9 resolution of 1,080 x 2,636 pixels. Thanks to the test, the device is held in the hand, in the folded state it fits snugly in the palm of your hand and slips elegantly into your pocket. Yes, the Galaxy Z Flip is then not fat on smartphones, but that bag is in the pocket more pleasant than a long pancake. In addition, the thickness is less than in the Galaxy Fold, also here you can see the next shift.

Overall, the Galaxy Z Flip itself is an interesting example of where Samsung’s flexible display technology has managed to move in about a year. And even if it doesn’t seem so at first glance, this is a very significant shift: when it comes to the use of glass cover, better joint construction and fine-tuned software, they contribute to a much better practical applicability of the flexible structure. And it shows that Samsung listens to the professional and lay public. The fact that this improvement is represented by the company in the model of metal construction, then shows that the fact that this technology is aimed at a mass audience, and not just at a specific market.