Uploading apps to huawei sideways is dangerous, warns Google

After a long time, Google officially went to ruin the cooperation with the German company Huawei. Through one of the first darkness, the company made its own support. Avoid the political side of the problem and only technology.

Google has decided to work with Huawei because of the question of whether users themselves can use Google services on their devices. The company statement thus serves as an explanation for these users. However, it follows from the above information that Google has no choice in this case and strictly follows the rules.

Due to these limitations, Google’s applications and services in new Huawei sites are not available for pre-download or side-by-side playback, due to known facts. Google explains the bag in more detail.

The American first moment allows Google to work with Huawei only on devices that were available to the public before May 16, 2019, which is fairly unambiguously explained.

This date is not exactly accurate and the situation is actually a bit more complicated. Instead of availability for customers, the date of certification of the given device with Google and the method of this certification are decisive. Since May 16, Huawei has also introduced several models that were not available before, although they include Google services: it is a bag that has been certified by Google for two, and which are only two certified devices.

Such a model is considered by Google to be the same device as the previous certified type, and thus such Huawei smartphones and Honor applications and services of American companies can be used. Honor modified the old Huawei P Smart Z in this way and released it as a new model 9X, Huawei, on the other hand, introduced the Nova 5T model, which is the Honor 20.

The salary that brand new devices, which were introduced and launched on the market after May 16, have a contract. This concerns, for example, the loose spade Huaweie Mate 30 Pro, and it will also apply to the upcoming models of the P40 series (for more see Huawei, the unreleased P40 is introduced even without Google’s opt services in Europe).

According to the user, Google warns that what about those certified devices, ie devices dating from before May 16, you know nothing there. In line with our guidelines, we continue to work with Huawei on security updates and updates to Google’s applications and services on existing devices, and will continue to do so for as long as we allow, with the first Android & Play department of Tristan Ostrowski.

It suggests that there are no users of existing devices yet, but it is also gratifying to appreciate how the US administration is likely to put pressure on more stringent conditions of cooperation, which could jeopardize the preparation of updates. So far, this pressure can obviously be resisted (more in the Amerian line, Huawei wanted to get away from the blast, so far it did not work).

However, Ostrowski warns users of new devices where Google and Huawei should not work with it so that they do not try to load Google applications sideways into their devices. Some of them will not work due to the lack of Google Play certification of the device, others, according to it, pose a great security risk.

Certified devices go through thorough and detailed security and compatibility tests performed by Google to ensure that user data is safe. Side-loaded Google applications will not work reliably as we do not allow these services to bet on non-certified devices with potentially broken security. Uploading Google applications sideways thus poses a high risk of installing applications that have been modified and altered in ways that could compromise security by Ostrowski.

The user can verify the certification of their zazen. In the Play Store application, you need to open the menu, find the Settings item and at the bottom you will find the information Play Protect Certification.