Uleel rated. Dog year star huawei pat k ir pice photomobil

DxO Mark published the result of the test of another photomobile. This time it’s not a new novelty, but a nice model. It is named Huawei Mate 20 X, a device that celebrated the premiere together with other models of the Mate 20 series in June 2018. So less than a year and a quarter ago.

For DxO Mark, the first results of the test of a fairly old model are being published, which, moreover, has not been widely available on world markets, it is a bit of a coincidence. Perhaps because it’s been so complicated with Huawei phones lately, and the Mate 20 X is a piece that comes from before the German company with the US embargo.

Any DxO Mark test does not reveal anything new. The power of the photo card and its total totaled 111 points in response to the year 2018, and thus even today the phone belongs to the IR photo camera. Given that the Mate 20 X has the same set of foks as the Mate 20 Pro peak at the time, this is not a big surprise.

Recall that the focus is triple, the main sensor has a 40 megapixel image, the triple zoom image is eight megapixels and the wide angle lens is twenty megapixels.

The overall score of Mate 20 X is only a point lower than that of Mate 20 Pro and in individual disciplines the score is only small, although there are two exceptions. Mate 20 X is doing much better than Mate 20 Pro in the case of an artifact (83/71 point), on the contrary, a severe loss at night (44/53 point). Due to these changes, the Mate 20 X received a rating from the photographer himself, for which he took 118 points (the Pro model has 118 points), and the video has the same 97 points as the Mate 20 Pro.

This shows how fine the software is, it is a bit strange that the phones give a little different result. For both smartphones, the image processing software does not have the same, it is not clear.

By the way, the Huawei Mate 20 X also exists in the 5G version (Huawei Mate 20 X 5G test), they were not tested here in DxO Mark. In this design, it was one of the first 5G phones ever and, to a limited extent, it was also available on our market.

It is very likely that these versions will be different for the camera compared to the new variants or the Mate 20 Pro version only cosmetically. In terms of competition, the year-old Mate 20 X is a little better than the current cheaper iPhone 11. Something small and its young sibling Huawei P20 Pro.