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After nothing Samsung sm confirmed the action Galaxy Unpacked, which will take place on the 11th of November and will be introduced to the successor to the S10 model. Samsung also thinks of a new cover with a flexible display.

In recent days, information and videos about the launch of the new top Samsung have appeared on the Internet. The date of 11th century appeared in all cases. Samsung has now confirmed sm. The show will take place at a solo event held in San Francisco. It was the same last year, just before the MWC fair in Barcelona.

Samsung may state that more devices will be introduced. The successor to the S10 will certainly again exist in several versions. The S10 model was originally introduced in a simple version S10e, a standard variant S10 and an enlarged version S10 +. In addition, for some markets, the premier model S10 with 5G st support was available with jet equipment.

Similar models can be expected this year as well. The successor to the recently introduced S10 Lite model (see Matto name for more information. The model with 5G support does not have to be an extra version of the news, 5G support can be given to all news or their variants for certain markets.

The question is above the name of the new model. There have been rumors that Samsung will not use the labeled S11, but S20 (for more see Namsto Galaxy S11 comes S20, known from well-known insiders). So something similar to what Apple did in 2017 for the iPhone X. But omitting the iPhone 9 and marked with a sliced ​​word had little to do with a decade since the launch of the first iPhone, Samsung introduced its tenth generation of its top model last year under the name S10.

According to the successors, the S10 model will not be the only news that Samsung is preparing for the event. From the video of the event, it can be deduced that two typologically different devices will be introduced. The second should be a new lid with a flexible display. So Samsung’s response to the much-received new version of the Motorola Razr (see Legendrn Razr for more.

It was also speculated that the introduction of the new flexible Samsung would be introduced together with the successors of the S10 model (for more see Samsung, the upcoming answer to the flexible Razr. It will be in the hole and for half the price). The new flexible Samsung should be noticeably cheaper than the Motorola Razr, which is expected to cost around 40,000 crowns in Europe. However, the new cover from Samsung will probably be in my style, as shown by the leaked photos (see more They didn’t see it. You can see the flexible cover of Samsung in the photos).

This phone is not a successor to last year’s Galaxy Fold model, which is replaced by a flexible tablet display, its successor should be introduced in lt, when the successor to the Galaxy Note model can be expected. Samsung would have a very wide range of top models this year, in the past there were only two top models of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series.