The video had an iPhone 9. It’s probably a fixed eight

Apple should introduce the latest successor to the popular compact SE model. After two leaked renders and specifications, a video appeared that the iPhone 9 was supposed to capture. There is a lot of doubt about the authenticity of the video, it is probably a hoax.

The followers of the iPhone SE are without a doubt one of the most anticipated smartphones this spring. Although it is not at the top with its equipment, I can richly compensate for the favorable price. In other words, Apple’s proportionate phone, which always admits to the darkest models on the market. In contrast, the price of the iPhone 9 (or SE 2) in the US is $ 399 (9.2 thousand crowns). That would be about $ 50 more, not how many manufacturers d for the iPhone 8 with 64GB of memory.

On Wednesday, the 19th of July, a video originally posted via the TikTok service on Twitter appeared on Twitter. The clip can easily capture an unexpected iPhone 9. From the front, it looks in the horseshoe. This phone looks exactly like a modified model 8, which I can use. Distinctive bottom and bottom frames, 4.7-inch display and below it two necessary Home buttons with built-in fingerprint scanner.

Jene gave seconds of video to raise doubts as to whether it actually captures that unexpected iPhone. And that knows the doubts. The reason is the square sides, which last had an iPhone 5s from 2013. The following 6/6 Plus models have rounded sides and have the current types. And according to two leaked renders, both the hips and the ninth have rounded sides.

According to the Apple Insider server, the video may capture a fixed Android phone, or an iPhone 8 with a custom cover. The insider and designer Ben Geskin also applauded this possibility, his profile is followed by a dog of 100 thousand users. Filip Koroy, who runs EverythingForApple, is of the same opinion, and his views are followed by almost 400,000 people, primarily from the world of Apple.

Co m pinst skuten iPhone 9?

iPhone 9 / SE 2 m drives the set A13 Bionic, which determines the pace and the current collection 11. It is the most powerful mobile processor today. The operating memory will be 3GB (models of the 11 series have the same 4 GB), the capacity can be 64 or 128 GB.

eln fotoapart m7MPix snma, hlavn fotomodul pak m bt dvanctimegapixelov. It is not clear whether the device lifts the focus from model 8, or it will get a better photo module into the outside. The dimensions of the phone are 67.3 x 138.4 x 7.3 millimeters. The battery has a capacity of 1,700 mAh, which is slightly smaller (1,820 mAh) compared to the model iPhone 8.

The price of a basic execution can be changed for a change of 399 USD, double payment will be for a fee of 50 USD (approximately 1,100 K). It will be clear at
The 31st day, when the Apple conference press is full.