The revolution of Samsung will be cheap, but only from the point of view of rich customers

Samsung grabs a revolutionary mobile phone stacker with a flexible display. It is basically a once known age that can display the entire interior. The only competitor is the Razr from Motorola, the bag will be expensive.

Folder phones with a flexible display are a new novelty. Originally, it seemed that manufacturers would use the new technology mainly to get a tablet on the floor plan of a regular smartphone.

A promising bag may be the opposite trend, with the help of a flexible display, manufacturers will change bn smartphones in half. Turn your phone into basically something. This is a reminder of classic mobile phones for a long time, 15 years ago it was a very popular design type of phone.

Motorola first showed the first modern age with a flexible display last autumn, which reincarnated the flying of the legendary Razr model, as it named the novelty. The phone was supposed to be sold at the end of last year, eventually it will reach the first customers and the arrest of the burrow, when it will be offered by the American operator Verizon. The second will be the Z Flip model from Samsung. He recorded his existence at the clock last fall, but the premiere will take place on the 11th hole in San Francisco.

So a little later, it won’t start selling competing Motorola. According to him, only Samsung will basically start selling immediately, it will also lag behind Motorola by only one day. And even though Motorola can still sell globally, ie in the Czech Republic, it is enough that Europe will be the first in the Samsung market. It will also be cheaper than a competitor. This advantage is only relative, because from the point of view of a common customer, both phones will be extremely expensive, in fact, they will be limited to the most expensive on the market.

Style against nice vbav

Motorola has announced the price, in the US it will be $ 1,500 without taxes, which corresponds to about 43,000 crowns with taxes. Samsung priced to the premier secret, but according to many no information should stt in pepot about 35 000 crowns. On the one hand, there is quite a significant difference, but even so, it will not be a device for most customers. Those rich bag can save something.

Although both devices will have a similar construction and offer a similar experience, there are several differences between them. Motorola is stylish, Samsung has better equipment. Advantage The Flip will be a thin folding glass covering the display, the manufacturer will call it Samsung Ultra Thin Glass, resp. SUTG. The layer will remain in the middle, but it should not disturb.

Razr m display cover fli and rha u not necessary. The phone has hardware at the same level better now, Samsung will have components much better. You ip is a Spade Snapdragon 855+, at least in some markets. In addition, Samsung will wipe in any open position. If the niches are accurate, let’s know in thirteen days.