The new cheap smartphone from Google does not have an XL version, on the contrary, it will be smaller

Google again plans a cheap smartphone derived from the top model Pixel 4. This year, however, it can be cheaper only in one version without the XL variant. According to Google, it doesn’t pay off.

Pixel 3a can be called a hit. He helped Google increase sales of his smartphone by an extreme 157 percent, when even large manufacturers in sales stagnated due to market saturation or in the case of Huawei, due to restrictions from the US government.

The cheap version of the pedestrian pixel offered a successful smartphone for an affordable pension with the support of the creator of the Android operating system itself. Therefore, it is expected that the best results will be achieved. Its premiere is the same, as with the losk Pixel 3a, at the Google I / O conference. It took place in May last year, but in previous years it was also in June.

According to information from youtuber David Lee, known as Dave2D, we can change the new cheap pixel. David Lee is an otherwise respected youtuber, especially in the field of pots with 2.5 million customers. So his information can be taken a little skeptically, but given the two pieces of information from two-sided sources, it seems logical.

David Lee states that the planned Pixel 4a will only exist in one version. To post an enlarged version of XL. The reason is to be simple. Last year, version 3a sold much better than the variant. The same applies to the new Pixel 4, which will be available in the basic version in the 4 XL model. So Google doesn’t want to develop a model that’s not for sale.

Dal logical drainage is the fact that according to two information niche OnLeaks has a new cheap pixel has a display with a size of 5.7 and 5.8 inches. David Lee can display a 5.81-inch display. Losk Pixel 3a pitom ml in stock 5.6-inch display and in t version XL six-inch display. The novelty would be the size of the display somewhere between losk men and vt model.

At the same time, the novelty may be less expensive than the basic model 3a, which had dimensions of 151.3 x 70.1 x 8.2 millimeters. This novelty m mt with vtm display dimensions only 144.2 x 69.5 x 8.2 millimeters. It would be about the same size as the Samsung Galaxy S10e, which is one of the least richly equipped smartphones. Google can do this by changing the lines around the display, which were quite striking in the Czech and new Pixel 4 models.

Large frames, especially above and below the display, were located in front of the camera or advanced sensors on the Model 4. However, the cheap Pixel 4a is up to date and gets a ring in the upper left corner of the display for the front camera. As expected, the progress was made by unlocking the oil or controlling it with the help of radar. That would only break the phone. It can be secured with the help of a fingerprint sensor, which is not even integrated in the display, but on the walls of the phone. Opt litba as low as possible prices.

There can be only one main camera. Otherwise, David Lee does not support other technical information, but from OnLeaks we know that the camera has an extra sensor. Thanks to the fine-tuning of the software, the old pixels were able to take much better pictures with different cameras and different tricks with a depth of field than competitors with more cameras. OnLeaks also mentions the presence of a 3.5 millimeter jack audio connector, which is disappearing from smartphones.

Performance records cannot be expected from Pixel 4a. The Snapdragon 730 processor or 765 will get a weak processor. The opera memory will not be extreme, it is a maximum of 6GB. However, it is possible that thanks to the fine-tuning of the software, Google will remain with 4GB of operating memory.

Hor it m bt with loitm in the phone. There is still 64 GB of user memory left, which is very small this time. Smartphones from Google traditionally do not support card memory. Google wants users to take full advantage of its cloud services. This is because the system itself, which will probably have a lot of space, will take up the capacity of the phone. This is due to various added features from Google, which we will not find in other smartphones yet.

Otherwise, David Lee mentions going for color versions of the novelty, which should suit a wide range of people. Pixels are known for their different colored power buttons. In the case of Pixel 4a, there should be a combination of a black button with a green button, a blend with an orange button, and a fairly wild version combining a light blue button and a straight button. So something for women who can go sales. The body will be plastic.

According to him, the price of the novelty will remain at the level of the Pixel 3a from Losk, which costs about 9 thousand crowns. This is not exactly the price of people, especially due to our competition, but a smartphone directly from Google has other benefits. For example, long support for system updates or various benefits for various services, such as cloud loit. The problem, however, will again be official sales in only a few small markets, among which it is expected to be again missing.