The most important spring news will not be a gaze. But it’s from Apple

Many interesting phones will be on the market during the next two months. But the longest one is likely to be the least interesting on the technical side. Apple only introduced him and will look forward to it for several years.

In the next two months, many smartphones are introduced to many smartphones. For a long time, we have been talking about the new top models of Samsung, which will be the first to enter the market with new products. The term is known to be on the 11th hole in San Francisco. Introduce the entire S20 model line there and, as a bonus, a lid with a flexible Z Flip display. This should be affordable within the world category.

With this set of innovations, it represents a very strong group of technologically advanced phones. And in the form of a flexible display at the lid or peaks in the top variants of the S20 with multiple zoom and other features.

About two weeks after the Samsung premiere, the MWC trade fair will come with other news. In short with the new Sony models, we are talking about 5G support, high-end cameras with 8K video support and other interesting parameters. MWC in Barcleon will certainly bring many other news.

The end of the two-year-old Huawei, which wants to hit the best photo cars on the market, will close what the new P40 series should meet. For Huawei, it is likely that the new models will not have Google services installed.

Only the longest-running premiere will most likely ever come between MWC and the premiere of the new Huawei, at least foretell many foreign sources, such as Bloomberg. The information from the information system supplier, according to which the production of the phone in the burrow and in the ordinary, should be presented by Apple, should be used.

After all, even the SE model introduced Apple unsystematically in the ordinary years ago. And the first new iPhone should be the successor to the SE model. So it should be a long-awaited phone. The SE model was very popular, in fact it was the only (relatively) cheap iPhone. It’s just two o’clock and the company calved down with the successor.

The novelty, probably called the iPhone 9, should be relatively inexpensive, and compared to the competition, it will be a phone soon. But such is the simple situation in the market Apple’s railways and bad it doesn’t matter. So they don’t mind in a solid down market, but in the world, an affordable model would be suitable for Apple.

This is also related to the rush of the previous SE model, which in general hearing for Apple did not make the company the most advanced models in the world for a long time. It only pays where telephone phones subsidize or vary the price in my service charges.

iPhone SE was a hit especially where smartphones are bought for cash and where the price is decisive. What about you is the case of the Czech market or the size of Asia. And first in these markets, the iPhone 9 uspt should be prepared. There is even speculation that cheap models can be exactly two.

In the context of upcoming news, the iPhone 9 sp will falter. The device will most likely be based on the old iPhone 8, so it will not even have the design of the latest model features. The hardware will be a mix of old and new, which was also the case with the previous cheap iPhone SE. It won’t be full, but on the other hand you can’t expect 5G support (don’t offer iPhones here at all) and it will have some set of cameras with zoom or gave tweaks.

Just a dog it’s all enough, from the spring news, the iPhone 9 may be the best-selling model. Other iphones use ebku regularly.