The best smartphone of 2018 will not be lost. He got the latest Android

Nokia under HMD Global dr promise and dream to update my phones as soon as possible on the latest Android. Before long, Android 10 also received the great Nokia 7 Plus at the beginning of 2018. The two-year-old model thus works like a new one, and according to our salary, it is definitely the best device that Nokia has created in recent history.

Congratulations to the owner of the Nokia 7 Plus smartphone. And they bought it right away in 2018, or they got it on sale last year (it was a good thing), they made a very good decision. Not only does this model show in practice how long-lasting users can satisfy your smartphone in the middle of now (more in the review: The best when you don’t want to spend the rest of the power. Nokia 7 plus test), but Nokia phone me bt vlastn jako nov.

Let’s forget about the hardware that the Nokia 7 Plus had in solid in 2018, and even though it’s over today, it’s definitely not the brake. Double focus with zoom has a better quality in practice than many new attempts of all brands in this time. And the fact that the display is not fully frameless, develops the original design and durable construction of the phone.

As new, check the Nokia 7 Plus software page. The phone received an update to the latest Android 10 this year. After last year, which served as a test platform for beta versions of Android 9, the owner can now fully download the new version of the system. With all the changes you need, such as the ability to navigate gestures, various functions for digital comfort and parental control of the phone, new pop-up windows and city-enhanced graphics. Or dan dark regime.

We have tested the update in practice with the 7 Plus model and it seems that the user does not have something. Installation and installation went quite quickly, similar to other phones that received Android 10 before. By the way, the Nokia 7 Plus is available here in a completely exclusive company, the S10 and Note 10 series, the Google Pixel model or the Asusu Zenfone 6.

The phone with the new system works very nicely and pigs. In addition to just in the current state, we also tried its settings after a factory reset completely from again and we do not observe any difference in the speed of breeding the phone before and after activation. The new system installed on the bc device does not significantly slow down even in comparison with the previous version of the system.

Thanks to this, we still consider the Nokia 7 Plus to be one of the best smartphones from 2018. In practice, it has often matched the top model, it was available and, moreover, today a service that many machines can now dream of.

In addition to the 7 Plus model, the update to the latest Android 10 was also received by Nokia 6.1, which is only about the young, not this type, but maybe a bit of ordinary equipment. According to the previous information, the same rejuvenating covers should be possible for models 6.1 Plus, 6.2 and 7.2, for which we do not have the availability verified. Her two got Android 10 Nokia 7.1.