The Americans wanted to take the Huawei away from the bustle, it didn’t work out yet

In some cases, Huawei has shone hope in the current trade wage between the United States and the United States. The US council has suspended the discussion of a more stringent sanction, which would mean that Huawei would not be able to remove the bits from a far number of suppliers not yet. Existing measures remain in force.

The US Department of Commerce has stopped the process of commenting and approving a new ruling that would tighten US sanctions on Huawei. This is due to concerns about the damage of American companies that supply Huawei technology. Referring to sources in the US administration, Reuters reported.

The new order was withdrawn from the discussion, probably on the basis of comments from the Ministry of Defense. This argued the threat to the business interests of American companies and the sweeping effects of strict sanctions on them.

The Ministry of Trade has been looking for a way to tighten sanctions since about November, and the fate of the forthcoming situation is unclear. The document will be reworked and sent back to the legislature, but efforts in this direction may stop.

Protests by American companies

The plan to be more accurate should in principle be quite simple. Today, among other things, Huawei units must be allowed to supply the US data administration and those of foreign companies, in their products, American subcontractors account for more than 25% of their value. This includes both hardware and, for example, patents and licenses for the Ministry of Defense. In addition, some non-technical sub-supplies should be included in the limit.

American companies protested and the Pentagon defended them. The Department of Commerce, however, criticized some of President Trump’s administration for not being able to further limit supplies to Huawei and, in general, to restrict the import of slots to American technology.

Sentoi Tom Cotton, Ben Sasse and Marco Rubio then, in a letter to the US Secretary of Defense, set out the ministry’s position and straightened the situation to the cold. Huawei is one of the Communist parties, so it should be reported to it. It is difficult to imagine that, in the midst of cold wolves, the Department of Defense would overlook the business of American companies with branches of the KGB only because Moscow offered a discount, according to the letter.

Existing limited salary dl

In the USA, therefore, about Huawei, not only the external sales wolf itself, but also the internal struggle over whether the company should intervene more closely or not. With the limited restrictions still in effect, Huawei, for example, has no ties in its new models of Google Play Services, which are the basis for a normally functioning Android smartphone.

The company therefore began to develop its own network more intensively, and in other Czech markets, try it with a limited number of Mate 30 Pro models without Google services only with its own ecosystem. Of course, it is not nearly as strong as the one from Google, the Huawei bag with its own need for future models, which will continue to be launched on the European market.

The situation was not changed by the trade agreement that the US and the parties concluded. The reason is that the agreement concerns only trade, while Huawei and possible deliveries to other companies in the current part fall into the area of ​​security issues. And you don’t agree.