Sony is a novelty and a self-sufficient amount. Protoe me

spades modern smartphones set prices attack astronomical stky. Although premium brands such as Apple and Samsung are expensive, this is quite common. The new Sony Xperia 1 II has also entered the category of extremely expensive smartphones.

The confidence of some mobile phone manufacturers is really great. For a long time, it was true that manufacturers kept below the psychological threshold of thousands of euros (roughly 25 thousand crowns), anything above them was considered pedraen in the world of smartphones. It’s just not true for years. The trend of rising prices started first with Apple and modern smartphones so they can be on track.

The prices were driven to the extreme mainly by recent technical innovations: especially the flexible display. He pulls out the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which costs 54 thousand crowns. The new Galaxy Z Flip will cost 39 thousand and your competitor Motorola Razras will cost 41 thousand crowns. The price of the newly introduced Huaweie Mate Xs, ie an improved version of the loose flexible Mate X model (which didn’t get on the market much), is astronomical 2,499 euros, ie more than 63,000 crowns.

A lot of tracks can be nothing but classic smartphones. Leton iPhone 11 Pro costs 29,990 korunch and the Pro Max variant costs at least 32,990 crowns. This is true for variants with poor 64 GB of memory, most users pay for a per portion. Then the price made me pay off and for 43 790 crowns.

Samsung also tried to offer a similar price last year, the ceramic variant of the S10 + model cost 42,999 crowns. And this year, the S20 Ultra 5G model continues in this trend, which costs 34,990 or 39,990 crowns, depending on the memory capacity. Over 30 thousand, the highest version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ with 512 GB of memory will get one thousand crowns. It was at these price levels so far in.

Nevertheless, Sony is trying to follow the example of the competition. His new Xperia 1 II m on the shelves trades 30,990 crowns, or 1,199 euros. Sony srm confidently and the novelty moved among the most premium smartphones on the market. Why is the price so high?

Upmn, probably because e me bt. Sony simply tries it. The Losk model Xperia 1 cost 23,990 crowns for the sale, so the current novelty is about an abysmal seven thousand crowns more expensive. At the same time, the pin is basically necessary to upgrade the processor and improve the focus, which should not be a reason for health. The price could have dropped the support of 5G st, but certainly not so dramatically.

The truth is that Sony smartphones have always belonged to drama and better goods, they have never underestimated the price. Sales were not record-breaking, the company is also trying a new tactic: a significantly expensive smartphone may not sell by so much less, but it has a lot to spend on them. Or there is simply room for a quick price seup. i at least rzn drky free, who in.

So many days Sony has not happened in the past. Yes, a lot of tracks in 2016 were, for example, the Xperia Z5 Premium with a 4K display, which appreciated this innovation on
22,990 crowns was at a time when the producers only carefully crossed the 20,000-dollar mark in the korunch and the 8,000-dollar mark in euros. So Sony is pushing the forbidden border again and going more intensively. The intergenerational health is huge and obvious, at first glance we do not see much technical or rational reason for it. Xperia 1 II will have to defend its quality in practice, in competition with the iPhone XS Max Pro and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, it will never be easy.

By the way, the price and the intergenerational health of the new products are in sharp contrast to the price of the second Sony phone introduced: the Xperia 10 II patc type will cost CZK 9,499 by Wednesday, compared to its predecessor by 500 crowns.