Smartphones with the world’s worst display can hardly be used

Las Vegas (From the newsletter) –

Vdr its battery will probably be low, only for normal operation the Hisense A5 smartphone is basically unusable. There is one ripple, which is the e-ink display. Jin nem and ovldn is really suffering.

Hisense is not an unknown character in the Czech Republic, I even have a TV assembly in Pilsen. But cell phones in Europe are not new, and some models are quite interesting. Definitely the company does not lack the courage to experiment. Just an experiment to make me go wrong. And this is also the case of the A5 model, which we tested at the CES exhibition in Las Vegas.

Hisense A5 is a special dark e-ink display. Respectively, this is not the case, for the first time Hisense has been selling smartphones with an e-ink display on the walls for several years, but they have a classic display at the front (see more and they copied the Russian smartphone. And it still works for a while). It is used for ordinary work, on the contrary, the one with electronic ink is suitable as a stream of books or in an emergency with a weak battery. Moreover, this concept is nothing new, the Russian company Yotas nm drank in 2013 and then repeated it several times.

Only Hisense A5 has only one display, and that ink, which is the problem. The rest of the phone is not included, it is low-end, but the processor from Qualcomm (Snapdragon 439) and 4 GB of memory are usable parameters. The phone gives me a 13MPix main camera and a 5MPix selfie camera.

Only if the phone has the most powerful processor on the market and you have 100 GB of memory, it won’t help. The limit is the first e-ink display, which is essentially slowly redrawn. Respectively, the song is very slow. It will not be so bad at the moment when the owner gets used to this linen style, but when switching from a regular smartphone, any activity on the phone is suffering.

Of course, electronic ink displays are not necessary, for books and many others they are ideal. Only the smartphone is dynamic, and here this type of display comes into play.

Dalm for the smartphone-limiting factor is the ernobl image. For writing and it is in the basement (although writing an SMS is a punishment), but when taking photos you can often see only daubs on the display (a hundred or less movements on the screen or with a mobile phone), and this actually applies to many other modes. The display itself is easy to read and will not be a problem even in the sun. The problem is that in some cases you will see the main menu with icons in the underdrawing of the current display.

The phone can be used in several months. Recipients from abroad give about 5,000 crowns for it, but don’t enjoy it much. The company itself does not sell the phone abroad, nor does it have integrated Google services. The question is whether many applications would be able to use the monochrome display. So at least a stone.