Samsung showed the lid of Flip at the first Oscar, two days before the premiere

Samsung has officially shown the world its new flexible phone two days before the originally announced premiere. He used mainly film awards.

The company was supposed to show off the flexible Galaxy Z Flip smartphone for the first time, and tomorrow at a press conference in San Francisco, but many of the first film awards seem to Samsung to be as much a nuisance as it is to annoy. Surprisingly, the advertisement for the new age aired two, not expected.

In the advertising spot we can see the appearance of the phone from all sides and thus the principle of bending the back, which confirms the shape of the lid. This means the dimensions of bnho smartphone with the ability to peloit it in pli. At the same time, you could see several features in the clip that this design can do: you need a video call, when you place the phone on the desk and tilt the top to a noise of 45 to 90 degrees to have the screen in focus. The same can be done even when taking a selfie snmk.

The function of the external (color and touch) display, on which you can also receive calls, has been revealed. Kadopdn will be very small, so the chore on the displayed notification and time. Next to it are a pair of rear cameras. In the advertisement you can see two color variants, black and purple, both in a glossy design.

The advertisement thus hides the text written in small letters. It is true that the user can notice the rhythms in the center of the screen, which is a common characteristic for this type of display. Samsung will continue to say that, as with the Fold model, there will be a rake in the place where the screen is most bent when folded.

At this press conference, we will only announce the specifications of the phone, which according to the leaked information should include a 6.7-inch (internal flexible) display with a resolution of 2,636 x 1,080 pixels, and a 1.06-inch external display (300 x 116 pixels), Snapdragon processor 855+, 8 GB of opera memory, 256 GB of data space, 3,300mAh battery, wirelessly charged and Android 10 operating system.

According to you, you can find several videos on the Internet from people who had the opportunity to try your hand at Samsung: