Samsung is taking a risk with a new stackable mobile phone, it will get unexpected equipment

Samsung is preparing a successor to the folding Fold model from last year. It should be introduced in lt and logically it will be better than the current model. In addition, I get quite unexpected equipment.

Samsung clearly sees the future in foldable smartphones with a flexible display. The Fold model is on sale and has been selling the Z Flip cover for the first time. And both phones are skldac, so their concept is different. Fold with bn smartphones the size of a tablet, Z Flipna bn smartphone, closed is very small.

Fold ml tk march to the world, the manufacturer withdrew it from sale last spring just a day after the premium, and finally the device went on sale in the autumn. It seems that the birth problems of the storage mechanism and the flexible display are fixed, so the company is preparing other models.

The first should be the successor to Fold, probably labeled Fold 2. According to information available from no one, the manufacturer should introduce the phone this summer. A new premiere is offered with a new version of the Note model, which the manufacturer usually shows to the public in the first half of August.

In addition, according to Nike Max Weinbach, the phones will be one and the touch pen. For the Note series, it is basically a means of identification, for Fold it would be a novelty and quite spicy. So if the pen should be used for writing on the main flexible display, then Samsung must be very pleased, because the flexible display does not cover hard glass like ordinary smartphones. On the contrary, the display is relatively soft and prone to damage even with a damaged nail. What did this destructive test of Z Flip news prove to you? But we can assume that this is a very long time for the manufacturer.

The overall proportions of the second generation Fold should be very similar to the original model, except that the external display will increase sharply, making it easier to use the phone when closed. According to Weinbach, the camera will be pasted on the level of the current Galaxy S20 + model, the selfie lenses of the camera should be placed in the ring. This means that the flexible display will not have a sharp connection, as is the case with the current Fold.

The latest information refers to the color variants, which according to Weinbach can be straight: blue, black, silver, straight and gold. What it might look like is showing renders created by designer Benjamin Geskin. Not surprisingly, basically copy the design of the first Fold, the focus is copied from the new S20 models and the proportions of both displays are adjusted.