Samsung introduced the S20 models and peak models

San Francisco (From the newsletter) –

In San Francisco, California, Samsung introduced its latest spades to smartphones. These are the Galaxy S20 series models and the expected flexible Galaxy Z Flip lid, which the manufacturer showed first. The event was mon watched in pmm transmission.

About the spades and eagerly awaited new Samsung models, the (somewhat traditional) leaked perhaps a lot of information to go before their world premiere, which started in San Francisco on Tuesday at 11 a.m. local time (20:00 Central European Time).

So it’s no secret that the news that Samsung has revealed is the same. These belong to the Galaxy 20 series models, which is the successor to the series of boards, one novelty is the brand new phone with a flexible display, thanks to which all designs are returning to Samsung’s portfolio in the global markets.

The Galaxy Z Flip was the first to appear to the world. There was a lot of information about it as well, and the company also showed it in an advertising broadcast during the first Oscar (everything in the Samsung article showed the Z Flip at the first Oscar, two days before the premiere). In terms of equipment, the Galaxy Z Flip is a kind of compromise between the S20 and S10 models, this is of course an absolute novelty in terms of construction.

In the folded state, this box has a square shape, the assembly of a double camera in the next corner is complemented by a small display that shows notifications or information about an incoming call. Unlike the Motorola Razr, the user will have to open the phone for each interaction. The flexible new display has a depth of 6.7 inches, an aspect ratio of 22: 9 and a resolution of 1,080 x 2,636 pixels and captures the darkness of the cover. Its surface should not be as soft and flexible to the touch as other previous smartphones with a flexible display.

The main and wide foks are twelve megapixels, eln ten megapixels with a small ring in the middle of the model type S20. Compared to the Galaxy Fold type, Samsung has managed to change the gap between the hundreds in the closed state, or the radius of the display has changed. Stle je vak mezrka znt.

The hardware is flat on top, the processor is a Snapdragon 855+ and it has 8 GB of RAM. The battery will be a bit smaller than the current top model.

Vko Z Flip will go on sale at almost the moment, or it will be pre-ordered today from 20:30. Customers will receive it on the 21st of March, when it will also be available in stores. And either in ern or purple colors. In Czech, it will be 38,990 K. It will therefore be one of the most expensive phones on the market, but the cheapest of those with a foldable display. Samsung Fold costs 54,000 crowns, Motorola Razr should cost about 42,000 crowns.

You new two

Put on the ad are models of the S20 series, which will be you. We were able to view the S20 models in advance of the premiere, and we can also confirm the information that Samsung publishes in San Francisco. Those smartphones are called Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra. Like last year, the news is three, but it is a bit different, the set of models has moved a little further to the current floors.

The difference is that while a year ago the compact S10e model was the basis available, such a choice this year is a mistake, on the other hand, at the other end of the spectrum, the new S20 Ultra model, which is a truly global top model. Samsung had its counterpart in many ad models, the Galaxy S10 5G smartphone was sold only in selected privileged markets, where operasi actually offer 5G.

This new Galaxy S20 Ultra, which is a real new top model of Samsung, will not miss the markets today. Vude, ie also at us, the manufacturer will offer it with the support of 5G st. With that 5G support, the SG series is theoretically a complex 5G device from the model, but there will be available versions on the market without support for this technology (and with a little less memory and RAM). Only in our conditions does the leap of the Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone reveal.

Galaxy S20 Ultra is really a smartphone that wants to offer users maximum monho. Although he does not go into the days of recent experiments and most of them continue to evolve the entire Galaxy S series models, but without discussion it is a technical peak.

The differences from the S20 and S20 + models are in principle: a large battery with a capacity of 5,000 mAh for the user, a 6.9-inch display with a resolution of 1,440 x 3,200 pixels and a refresh rate of 120 Hz (both have all S20 models) will delight those who want as much space as possible for content.

Vjimen camera

And then there’s the camera, which goes a step longer with fresh siblings. The main image has a resolution of 108 megapixels, optical stabilization and brightness f / 1.8. After two years, Samsung is leaving the path of variable aperture and instead involves smart algorithms in the creation of the image. Throughout the day, I can select relevant unpopular pixels, and when capturing nonch frames, Nona Binning combines the pixels together to create one large pixel with valuable information.

In this way, the phone can combine up to nine pixels into one for white photography, resulting in twelve-megapixel images. The image itself is three times larger than in the case of the Galaxy S10, when connecting pixels, pixels with a size of 2.4 micrometers are created, compared to 1.4 in the case of the Losk types. Non photography should be a suitable discipline for the S20 Ultra.

Tm superlatives do not. Then there is the zoom optics, which have a sensor with a resolution of 48 megapixels, the brightness is a bit worse f / 3.5, but probably about five times the optical zoom. Samsung is not proud of the exact value of this periscope system, as it mainly advertises its 10x hybrid zoom, which produces images (12 MPix) without noticeable loss of quality. If it works, the competition proved it, it should also work here.

But with the S20 Ultra, Samsung has come to the fore, especially the marketing move: with the S20 Ultra, it promises a total and a hundred-fold approximation, to which optics, artificial intelligence (AI) and, of course, images from the slide contribute. The results should be surprisingly tempting, but on the other hand, such a photo will probably only be photographed in very specific cases. The Galaxy S20 Ultra focus assemblies include a ToF sensor and a 12 megapixel (w / 2.2) irokohl snma resolution. eln fok is tyicetimegapixelov. The phone can also record 8K videos and boasts a Single Take function, during which you can take 10 pictures and 4 different videos within one ten-second collection.

Siln hardware

As for the next hardware, there is the Exynos 990 processor (some markets will get Snapdargon again, but with us will be Exynos), the standard version of the model has 12 GB of random access memory (RAM) and 128 GB of internal memory, the variant with 512 GB of internal memory will get 16 GB RAM. There is a lack of water and dust resistance (IP68), wireless charging, a fingerprint in the display and other features S20 and S20 +. The SIM slots should be completely easy to insert microSD cards, plus the new series phones can handle eSIM. A common feature of the novelties is the absence of a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

The S20 and S20 + models have a lot in common with the Peak type Ultra, only the displays and focus are a bit smaller and the overall hardware is not so bloated. Variants with 4G support will be offered in our region, they will have 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory, other versions will not be on sale at ours (5G versions have 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of memory).

Compared to our models, these innovations also recorded a solid battery capacity: S20 m 4,000 mAh, S20 + even 4,500 mAh, which is always about ten percent. The display depths are 6.2 and 6.7 inches opt at peak resolution.

Foky have a slightly different set compared to the S20 Ultra. The main sensor and the wide sensor have the same resolution of 12 megapixels if the brightness is: f / 2.2 for the wide and f / 1.8 for the main lens. Then there’s the zoom (f / 2.0 brightness) and behind it is a 64-megapixel image. This allows you to conjure with zoom. The hybrid (lossless) zoom can be tripled and the maximum zoom will be thirty times that of the S20 Ultra. That, too, will be an interesting value. Types S20 + and S20 then differ from each other only in that the model has a ToF sensor, while it does not.

Veker has given conveniences, including 8K video and various smart features, to keep it here, as well as the S20 models boast a 120Hz display refresh rate and 240 Hz for touch detection.

Availability and prices

Official pre-orders take place from 11 am to 8:30 pm and last until 8th grade. If you order the S20 + model or the S20 Ultra peak at the time, you will then be able to get the first new headset worth CZK 4,500 free of charge (again after registration) after receiving your phone (supplies and the sale itself will start on the 13th day).

The prices of the S20 model are similar to those of the losk types, only with the fact that, of course, the lowest price floor is omitted, which last year created the S20e model, which was below twenty thousand crowns. This year’s basic type S20 will cost 22,990 crowns, which is a question mark for me, not how many last year the S10 started. The higher variant S20 + costs 25,990 crowns, ie the same as the plus plus in the basic variant.

The Samsung S20 Ultra will be available in two variants. A cheaper one with 12 GB of RAM and 128 GB of user memory will cost 34,990 K, the expensive version will have a 16/512 GB memory array and will cost 39,990 K.