Prmiov Samsung ml with such smartphones quit. But he changed a lot

Samsung has long profiled itself as a manufacturer of premium and therefore expensive smartphones. The top models are the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series. The two premium series, the now Galaxy A, have grown with a cheap model.

Samsung is among the manufacturers of smartphones with the Android system to the darkest drama. Unlike, for example, Sony, Samsung’s attempt to impose high prices on its phones still maintains its position as the world’s leading manufacturer. On the contrary, sales of Sony smartphones fall below the statistical error limit in global sales.

The South Korean company even let two of them hear that the segment of simple and cheap smartphones was completely abandoned. This slowly happened, she actually accompanied only two models. Even on Wednesday, she tried to profile herself as a premium manufacturer and created the Galaxy A series. And even with metal bodies.

In exchange for you categories, the South Korean character has made its offer more transparent. Now, its portfolio is becoming more confusing. Samsung spewed out a number of new products, the first-mentioned Galaxy A series. Last year, it launched 17 models of these two premium series on Wednesday. In addition, in some markets, some models are sold with letters, which are not otherwise globally presented. In total, Samsung released 19 members of the Galaxy A series last year.

The basis of the global offer is the Galaxy A10 model, a simple smartphone with only one camera, which was introduced at the time. The camera has a great brightness f / 1.9. Later, the Galaxy A10s model with a double camera with a jet light of f / 1.8 appeared. The Galaxy A10 model on the Czech market officially costs 4 thousand crowns. For these pensions, it is possible to buy far better equipped smartphones from the German competition.

And so, before the end of last year, Samsung hurried with a novelty that will try to deal with our manufacturers. For the time being, probably only in some markets, sales in the Czech Republic have not been confirmed yet. However, it can be expected that the novelty will have a premium price due to the equipment. At the same time, it is an absolute foundation in Samsung’s offer that it will first be replaced by the fight against the German competition.

With the mentioned departure from the segment of cheap smartphones, ie the de facto cancellation of the cheap Galaxy J series, the new product also belongs to the Galaxy A series. Marked by the new Galaxy A01, there are two questions that this is a real foundation of the offer of the current smartphone giant, which was supposed to end up with such smartphones.

The Galaxy A01 is simply the Galaxy A10 model introduced in last year. The dnench standard is completely low-end. For example, the capacity of the operating memory is only 2 GB and the capacity is only 16 GB, but it can be expanded using a microSD card and 512 GB. According to current trends, the cameras are two, but mainly 13MPix has a brightness of f / 2.2. The type of camera for moles with a depth of field is then only two megapixels (f / 2.4). eln snma m 5MPix rozlien.

The display is not Infinity-O, as Samsung refers to the display panels with a ring, but Infinity-V. So the front camera is in a drop at the top of the display. The lines around the display are quite striking, especially the bottom. Due to the price exchange, it is probably only possible with the help of imperfect recognition. The print is not visible on the walls and will probably not be on the display. teku imprint nem nor losk model Galaxy A10.

Paradoxically, the new display should be better than the Galaxy A10. They have the same HD + resolution (720 x 1,520 pixels), but it is smaller and therefore finer (5.7 inches vs. 6.2 inches). This is a TFT display, not an AMOLED panel. The phone has two pictures (the memory card has its own slot reserved) and the FM radio has disappeared in all of them. The battery should have a sufficient capacity of 3,000 mAh for a simple smartphone. So that’s less than the Galaxy A10 (3,400 mAh).