Motorola has reduced the price of all smartphones. The new prices are definitely interesting

With immediate effect on the Czech market, Motorola has reduced the price of all current models. Especially phones are now cheaper and more expensive. Motorola e5 Play, for example, fell below two thousand crowns.

Motorola currently has three models: e5 Play, e6 Play and e6 Plus. The cheapest is the first, which is cheaper by 300 crowns, so the price fell below two thousand. Which is a very interesting price, but with regard to the equipment, we can not recommend the e6 Play model, which has 2 GB of memory, HD + display and 32 GB of internal memory, which are twice the value of the memory than the cheap model.

The price difference is negligible, the e6 Play is expensive for just a hundred crowns, after a discount it comes to 2,099 K. The better equipment for that hundred crowns is definitely worth it. Let’s add that even in this case Motorola reduced the price by 300 crowns.

In the category of the cheapest phone bag, we consider the e6 Plus model to be a better offer. It will cost 2,799 K. The discount is more pronounced in this case, the ride in December was sold for the recommended price of 4,199 K, so now it is cheaper by 1,400 crowns. Compared to the e6 Play model, the HD + display has a slightly different resolution, because it is spread over almost the entire front area and has a modern drip-shaped tower in the upper part. The memory is double, the operating memory is 4 GB and the user memory is 64 GB. The only downside is the relatively small battery with a capacity of 3,000 mAh.

According to Motorola, Motorola has reduced the price of all new models of the One series, which it introduced in the second half of last year. The cheapest is One Macro currently for 3,799 K, which is 1,300 crowns less than the originally recommended price. This phone is equipped with a Helio P60 processor from Mediatec, an HD + display with a 6.2-inch depth and a drive in the upper part. The memory is a combination of 4 + 64 GB, the battery has a solid capacity of 4,000 mAh. The main benefit of the phone is a special macro photo camera, which certainly did not disappoint in our test. Although it is necessary to look at it with regard to the price category of the device. In addition to the macro focus, the phone also has a main lens and aunt for depth of field.

Significantly better equipped Motorola One Action for a new price of 4,599 K (the discount from the original price is a whopping 2,400 crowns) with an FHD + display, an eight-core processor from Samsung, 4 GB of operation and 128 GB of user memory. The curiosity in this case is a special video, which can be set so that even when the phone is held on top of the video on the screen. One small thing, but very important for many users.

Dalm discount model is Motorola One Vision. She comes out after discounts
5,099 K, which is by 2,700 crowns less, not as originally recommended. The basic parameters are the same as in the previous case. The differences are with the cameras. The main one has a resolution of 48 Mpix and optical stabilization, which is a great rarity in the price level. Pedn fok m rozlien 25 Mpix.

The highest model in the current offer is the Motorola One Zoom. It has an Amoled display with FHD + resolution, 4 + 128 GB memory, Snadragon 675 processor and especially the three lenses of the main camera. Set of t main ip with 48 Mpix resolution, irokohl lens, telephoto lens with triple zoom and shot for depth of field. An exception is the optical stabilization on the main and telephoto lens. The original table this autumn model is 10,990 K, then reduced to 9,599 K and will now be released at 7,599 K.