I have spades, his focus excites. We tried the Samsung S20

San Francisco (From the Mobil.iDNES.cz newsletter) –

The new Samsung Galaxy S20 phones continue the older models that have been around for some time. But this certainly does not mean that Korean companies are experiencing a period of stagnation. There is not enough news and the machines of the S20 ns series were really intense.

The Galaxy S series is Samsung’s best-in-class storage box, which can be equipped with a mobile phone for more than ten years. That’s why Samsung sent ten peskoil straight to twenty to highlight the new blanket that the current news will open. Symbolically, the Galaxy S20 models are new for 2020.

We were able to give a quick try to all those smartphones and our first impressions are great. At first glance, the news continues what losk phones started, but the improvements and the reason to long for them, there is not enough. So it’s not just a small gradual evolution, the S20 pin types are solidly glued, so don’t expect them to step forward as the S10 models did a year ago.

It’s not even you. Samsung has been criticized in recent years for stagnant innovation in the Galaxy S series, and last year it heard those voices. The S10 models have made tremendous progress and have become virtually the most distinctive smartphones on the stage. They succeeded, so of course leton’s news really has wheels: getting to the bottom of the generation doesn’t really have to be easy.

jet you

According to our first impressions, I can do it. This time the news is situated in the upper spectrum of the offer, Samsung has omitted a cheaper model (ie the successor to the losk S10e), which some customers may like with displeasure, but this year simply such a model does not fit into Samsung’s philosophy. Honestly, it is probably not very necessary, its role will easily be played by losk machines, or you have recently been introduced with S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite smartphones.

News is trying to push its technology and on the border of current possibilities and a lightweight type S10e would be against this current philosophy. In addition, when we take this year’s S20 base and simplify its focus a bit and change it a bit, we actually get something like the S10 or S10e lobe for the processor used. Samsung says that as far as the processor is available (there is an Exynos 990), the number of power is about 15%, so those interested in the ordinary Galaxy model can really look forward to loose types. In addition, these will be more suitable.

When there was no dramatic increase in performance, Samsung had to put on a little differently. Not only do the displays have a high resolution, but there is a new Infinity-O tower with a record-breaking small diameter, the refresh rate of the display is 120 Hz. In practice, it is known and it is just a code that Samsung does not turn it off by default in the menu. Yes, this feature will be a bit nronj on the battery, but the news on the other hand pin lkav out of capacity, which will certainly compensate for this consumption.


Literally on the verge of the possibility of shifting Samsung so the frames around the display. No, they are not completely eliminated, obviously it is not yet fully possible, but the company boasts that they are 40% less than the predecessors. In practice, the lines correspond to what Samsung did with the Note 10 series last year, but with one difference. Note a certain advantage in a square shape, which allowed to achieve maximum use of space.

The S20 models are rounded, so the frames have a bit more on them, but they are really about as thin as the Note type. This is confirmed by the ratios of the size of the display and the front area, here the percentage value is around 90% depending on the model and again roughly corresponds to Note 10.

What is significantly better on all S20 models than the Note series is held in the hand. With roughly the same dimensions, the strikingly rounded S20 is much better than playing the Galaxy Note 10. In this respect, we will also notice a certain change compared to the S10 bearings. They were also popular, but overall they had an unexpectedly thin impression on us. And the novelties would not be noticeably thick (only the S20 Ultra grew to 8.8 mm, ie about a millimeter), in the hand it looks a bit more like a suit and not like a badge.

The difference is hardly described, but the S20 types are simply more pleasant in the hand than their predecessors, while giving a somewhat more stable impression, which in turn contributes to the valuable feeling of the whole device. In terms of dimensions, we should be a little more specific: the S20 type with a 6.2-inch display measuring 151.7 x 69.1 x 7.9 mm and weighing 163 grams, the S10 wax with a 6.1-inch panel has 149.9 x 70, 4 x 7.8 mm. The differences are therefore negligible, the novelty has a bit in the display.

This is especially true for all variants. The S20 + m measures 161.9 x 73.7 x 7.8 mm with a 6.7-inch display flap, and the S10 + has 157.6 x 74.1 x 7.8 mm with a 6.4-inch flap. The novelty is a bit thinner and you and the dog will hit the screen. Or else it is significantly smaller than the S10 5G with the same depth: its dimensions are 162.6 x 77.1 x 7.9 mm. Against him, we have to build the best type of Galaxy S20 Ultra, its dimensions are 166.9 x 76 x 8.8 mm with a new record-breaking display of 6.9 inches.

Be careful, first of all, how this giant masks its size surprises us a lot. Yes, it’s a great smartphone, but not like a dn’s mastodon. And even with a sharp entry of the camera, which significantly increases its thickness in the back. In the case of the S20 and S20 + models, the inputs are only slightly small and very natural, while in the case of the S20 Ultra, the input serves as a kind of badge of the ability to focus.

Camera pedevm

The first camera will be one of the main things that Samsung will be attracted to in this year’s user news. It seems that while last year the Korean manufacturer managed to keep pace with the competition for quite some time, this year it would like to take a tn, even though it is a bit badly estimated: the S20 models are one of the first top innovations of this year. With the help of new news from last year, such as the iPhones 11, Google Pixel 4 and Huawei Mate 30 Pro, the S20 models could bounce off more sharply.

For bnch types, it won’t be so dramatic, but even here, the fact that Samsung focused on zoom capabilities is interesting. While there is a bit of confusion, the company advertises mainly the ability of hybrid zoom and determine the usable maximum. The S20 and S20 + are a three-fold hybrid zoom and a 30x Space Zoom, the S20 Ultra a ten-fold hybrid zoom and an incredible 100x Space Zoom.

Will it be practical for him? We will change that for a while, but the first impressions are unexpectedly positive. It is clear that the S20 Ultra has the upper hand over siblings in this respect, the details in the photos on the phone’s display look more noticeable even with the extreme zoom. The question is how the images will look on the monitor even after uploading to the social network, we could not examine it yet. The potential is there, on the other hand, we wouldn’t need the extra zoom functions, they might be useful.

Photos have generally been given a number of improvements, so we can look at high-quality non-shot images, 8K videos or various tweaks and tricks, which, according to us, will only appeal to a group of users. We are curious how the main type S20 Ultra will perform in some conditions, which, in addition to the main 108 megapixel focus, also emphasizes that zoom: only its periscope optics have a fairly poor f / 3.5 brightness, which the telephoto lens theoretically disqualifies from non-shots. But smart technology can cope with this shortcoming.

Dimmed colors

In addition to the advanced techniques that we were interested in for the first good fact, let’s stop at these first impressions of the new Samsung Galaxy S20 with color variants. It seems that this year they could be dimmed, the S20 types got a pleasant pastel shade, which works a lot with the device.

All variants will be available this year in the main color Cosmic Gray, which may be common to someone, but according to us it is elegant and timeless. For men types S20 and S20 +, the attractive choice is Cloud Blue, interesting and unobtrusive, while still quite conservative color. Only the smallest S20 will be available in the Cloud Pink opt variant. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s very interesting and very lb.

On the contrary, the color we are not very excited about is the traditional ern called Cosmic Black. It is reserved for the S20 + and S20 Ultra models and according to our method and power. Yes, it hides its own tickets, overall, the phone is such a uniform minimalist suit, but it disappears in any line designs and models look a bit anonymous. This means that it will be a good choice for those who do not want to show off their smartphones.