Huawei ukzal flexible mobile. It will also be in Czech, but the price is astronomical

Barcelona (From the newsletter) –

Huawei showed the Mate Xs smartphone folder at the event in Barcelona. We can’t call it a full novelty bag, it’s an upgrade of the Losk Mate X. It didn’t sell in the Czech Republic, the novelty will be available on the counters of the Czech store.

The MWC trade fair was to take place in Barcelona these days, but the bag was canceled due to concerns about the coronavirus epidemic. Few companies eventually left the presentation in Barcelona, ​​one of them was Huawei. The event was unconventional, said Richard Yu’s mobile division, but only out of tune, although in Barcelona it was mentioned.

This is not so important. The bottom line is that Huawei has introduced quite a few new features. In addition to the Mate Xs storage, there is a new MatePad Pro tablet, which also has 5G. Let’s introduce it separately, as well as new laptops and give small things.

Mate Xs is not a new model. It is actually very similar to the kind Mate X. Even at first glance, the phones look the same and some differences are hidden inside the news. It has a solid construction with a glued joint, which is really folded and consists of hundreds of sets. The newly used alloy will then ensure its vt strength.

The principle of construction has not changed, in the closed state the Mate Xs looks like a normal smartphone, only the rounded display, which extends to a quarter of the back of the phone. On the side bar are the lenses of the camera and below them the release button for opening the phone. It then expands into a solid tablet with an eight-inch flap. The opening is easy, the mountain is bent back, which required a completely new device in the service. The soft bag itself worked flawlessly.

The display has excellent brightness and contrast. If it is flexible and it is basically a bottle, it is possible to recognize, but it is not in any way ruiv. What will be the mechanical resistance, it will be practiced. Huawei claims to be great.

The changes took place under the hood. Huawei used the new Kirin 990 ip with its 5G support, although the previous Mate X st pt generation supported it so much, but it needed a special ip. You can handle the processor itself. The configuration memory remains the same, ie 8 GB of operand and 512 GB of user memory.

The battery with a capacity of 4,500 mAh is also unchanged, a novelty is the graphene cooling system bag, which according to the manufacturer adheres to the foldable construction of the phone. the right space and the environment of the device, the work with more windows is glued, which is the thing that can be determined with a device designed in this way.

Another novelty is that the phone will finally go on sale in Europe, because the previous Mate X only reached the home market in South Korea, namely to drive in limited quantities. And there is one interesting paradox in that. The original version was introduced before May 16, nor was it subject to an embargo on Google services. That way, the phone could be in the way that customers outside of it want. Just a novelty, and it is almost the same model, has a different essential state of hardware, especially the processor. Brno is also a new model, so Google does not have Google services.

Huawei will, of course, try to compensate for this limitation, but it is clear that it will not be a sales market. Pesto, if someone wants to buy this phone, they can prepare 2,500 euros and have a great rarity. It will also be on sale in the Czech Republic, the price is especially hell worth 63,000 crowns. m, Huawei Mate Xs will become the most powerful phone on the Czech market.