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Barcelona (From the Mobil.iDNES.cz newsletter) –

In addition to Huawei, Honor did not give up the Barcelona press conference. He introduced a lot of new products, but the new ones must be taken in most cases with a reservation. Just what else can Honor give.

nsk duo Huawei and Honor brought to Barcelona news and dog canceled MWC fair. Both events were logically intimate, not if they took place according to the original fullness, and they had a rather unusual course. They did not perform on the podium at any of the presentations, the events were sent out of acquaintance or from behind the scenes.

Huawei introduced new vc vc, where we offered the Skoron folding model Mate Xs, the only pure novelty features for Barcelona. The action of Honor was rich in this direction, the manufacturer showed two phones.

If the MateXs comes with a new model, the Honory 9X Pro and View 30 Pro are not new in the true sense of the word. Both phones are sold in several months, model 9X Pro even from June. The type of phone is then on sale from November.

The reason for Honor beers these models to Europe as news is clear. The reason is the embargo of American ad, which does not allow both characters of the two new models of the Google service. It has been paid since mid-May last year. This is not a problem, but outside the home market, such phones are difficult to sell.

That’s why Honor and now with them. Sales of both models have so far been announced in a limited number of countries: the 9X Pro will go on sale in some countries in western Europe, and the View 30 Pro will then be sold in Russia. But it is most likely that they will also reach the counters of Czech shops. It doesn’t matter, they can’t sell mobile phones without Google applications.

Respectively, both features are mentioned in the old models with a new cover, but it is not possible to proceed in the same way with the 9X Pro and View 30 Pro. The type of them is the new model and 9X Pro, although it is based at least according to the designation from the 9X model (it is currently on sale), but it has a different processor.

The Honor 9X Pro differs from the basic 9X model in several respects. It has a Kirin 810 processor instead of the old 710. The hardware is water-cooled, whether the phone is glassy, ​​the camera has an ISO sensitivity (102,400 instead of 25,600) and a running fingerprint is now on the side. Last but not least, the phone has a different color transition on the walls, or one of the two available variants, the kind, is boring black.

Honor 9X will be sold on the Czech market for 5,990 K, 9X Pro could stt
6,300 crowns, at least according to the price in euros. So the difference was small, and under normal circumstances the novelty would be a clear choice. Only without Google applications will it be a rarity on the market.

The same applies to the Honor View 30 Pro, which has been available under the name V30 Pro since November. At the time we could try it at the nsk premie in Beijing, details can be found here. If it enters the esk market, it will be a specialty for a limited group of customers. It’s a code, of course, the phone is perfect with spade hardware. In the DxO test, Mark received a fantastic rating, and is one of the best photo cars of today.

Honor in Barcelona introduced and gave things. We will introduce a very interesting MagicBook notebook separately, with its confirmed sale on the Czech market since the end of the year for a solid price of around 15,000 crowns. Magic Earbuds wireless headphones will also be on sale from April. The price should be around 3,200 crowns, there will be two color versions to choose from: white and unusual green.