He did not buy one of the officially best photo cars in the Czech Republic

The test of the DxO Mark proel organization gave the spade a photo car, which unfortunately customers would not buy in the Czech Republic. Official organizations in the first positions occupy models that cannot be bought from us. The freshest finger on top is the Honor V30 Pro.

The absolute top of the camera, according to DxO Mark, looks like this: The first is the Huawei Mate 30 Pro in the 5G version, which has 123 points. One point of me, the Honor V30 Pro, ie the most bloated model from the sister brands Huawei, which was a bit surprising not only by knowing the Mate type, but in many ways goes its own way. And in this place there is a standard (not 5G) version of Mate 30 Pro with a score of 121 points.

This situation shows the experience and expertise that Huawei has managed to gain in recent years. The competition still has to catch up, and even though it will soon be common, it will not be easy. On the other hand, it shows that the differences in the pizza are sometimes quite small and a few points here or there is nothing that would be important for the user. After all, this is often how the model tunes the software, as shown by the 5G and the standard version of Mate 30 Pro hardware.

But back to the new member of the elite trio: the Honor V30 Pro is similar to the Huawei Mate 30 Pro affected by US sanctions and cannot receive services from Google, so this smartphone will not be introduced to Europe in December. Compared to the sister model, the characters are more pronounced than some smartphones in them: the hardware peaks with the Kirin 990 processor and 8 GB of RAM are common, but your 6.57-inch display is conventionally curved instead of having a double ring for electric cameras.

The set of main pictures at the rear then has a common base: the main image has 40 megapixels and a luminosity of f / 1.6, an eight-megapixel image behind the optics with a triple approximation of l luminosity f / 2.4. In both cases, there is no lack of optical image stabilization. This film is a wide image. Here, the Honor V30 Pro bet on a resolution of 12 megapixels and an aperture of f / 2.2, and a sibling of a tyicetimegapixel irokohl shot with an aperture of f / 1.8. In addition, Huawei has a TOF camera, which Honoru errors.

According to these parameters, it will be clear where the strengths and weaknesses of Honor will be. Due to the absence of a TOF sensor, the parameters of the wide-angle sensor could probably be added to the bokeh effect and the mountains. But in the DxO Mark test, these differences are practically not reflected: with the bokeh effect, the Honor V30 Pro has the same score (75 points) as the Mate 30 Pro 5G, and both the original version of the Mate 30 Pro with a solid 5 points. And with wide images, the Honor V30 Pro has 32 points, while Huawei models have 30 points (5G version) and 34 points (new version).

Again, this shows that more than the hardware parameters driven out and at the limit of the possibility, the focus of the focus software is important. Thanks to it, the Honor V30 Pro leads you better with nonch shooting (69 vs. 66 and 61 dots) and zoom (100 vs. 98 and 91 dots). On the contrary, there are slight losses in the areas of thorns and artifacts in some other disciplines. As a result, the 13330-point V30 Pro itself is exactly between the Mate 30 Pro variants (132 and 134 points). The video has a score of 100 points, which is identical to the standard Mate 30 Pro, the 5G variant has two points more.

DxO Mark has added to its website in recent days, in addition to the new Honor V30 Pro, it has also added two smartphones, which you definitely do not have a spike bag. Asus ROG Phone II showed that the Taiwanese character can be a solid photo car, but on the other hand the game change means that the focus was not on the list of priorities. The score of 95 points is only worth about two years old smartphones and is very not very old than the old sibling Zenfone 6 (104 points). The hardware of the camera is the same for both models, also in the case of software.

Nokia 7.2 is for a time one of the models of the medium that passed the test. The score of 85 points is completely identical to the darkness of the Nokia 9 PureView, which shows how impractical it is in the normal conditions of the photo camera of the revolutionary photomobile from Nokia. The overall bag is not in the oven with just a little archival Samsung Galaxy S7 or the first Google Pixel. The same in the DxO Mark and Samsung Galaxy A50, Nokia 7.2 in its category is not ashamed.