Galaxy Fold is currently a piece of technology that never ceases to fascinate us

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a really fascinating zazen. It’s just a salary for his technical side. The practical limp, but it’s not really a problem for the phone. As a pioneer, he can afford it and the customers are sorry to forgive him for his mistakes.

In a few days, we will have the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy Fold available in the editorial office. One of the first devices with a flexible display and the first to reach the global markets. It would not be easy with its availability of stle. Vesku is for the official price of 54,000 crowns.

We have tried the Samsung revolution from several times in the past, but we will only see what this revolution means in practice. And upmn, we are absolutely thrilled and disappointed at the same time. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is now a piece of technology, a device that shows the future and a flexible display, with a fairly sharp line in motion, would continue to fascinate us.

Opening and closing the device is in itself a huge expense, and we often find that we open the phone and close it just for free. No, let’s not test the life of the display or the hinge, just enjoy the feeling of how the display straightens and how, on the contrary, they snap together with the help of a magnet on both halves of the phone when we close it. From this point of view, Galaxy Fold is a fascinating technical game, as it has not been here for a long time.

Yes, there is also a competing Huawei Mate X, but you can’t buy it yet, and Motorola Razr is just getting ready for the market, it will be launched in the same way as in the case of competing devices compared to the original full delay (see more Curse of flexible durations the reason is special). Fold is therefore the first zazen in which we can enjoy the new technique in practice, admire it, but at the same time discover its shortcomings.

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold

And let’s not think for life here, it looks like Samsung has managed to fine-tune it. Yes, the company will be a little worried so as not to further damage the reputation of the model by possible problems with the display, but from our first experience it seems that when the user did not really lose the display mechanically, it will be in the bottom. Galaxy Fold is the first generation of its kind, also some worries and cautions are in place, but according to us, this is an acceptable tax rate for innovation.

Only those innovations go hand in hand with unexpected inactivity. Samsung hides a potentially sensitive flexible display when the device is closed, but only a small display remains. And the combination of the 4.6 ″ display and the large 7.3 display after opening opens many of the specifics of the model. In a way, the memories of the once quite popular, but very specific communicators from Nokia return here. Even these suited only a certain group of users in a specific way.

Fold, his detailed review will be published soon, according to us, it is similar. The external display is usually small and the main part, the number of control elements in the applications is tiny. It’s also an emergency. The main display is great after opening, but then Fold is really not a smartphone and you can’t even use it with one hand. Want to see something on the map? To make sure you have to open the phone and that’s a little impractical. Do you want to answer first? ek vs nejsp tot.

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold

Add to this the fact that the software is not yet ready for such variants. Both the individual applications and the phone software itself. There is an opportunity to run applications and side by side in those windows, and there are other windows that can be practical for someone. But the menu is set by pltv city, it does not guide the user as it could. Many built-in applications from Samsung could do a lot more space (and the function of switching from small to large display).

In this sense, Fold clearly pays a kind of pioneering tax. And it’s clear that over time, the software will adapt and improve, and flexible smartphones will make a lot of sense. Or not. Samsung also needs to use the flexible display with more possibilities and other different constructions: you will be ready for the Motorola Razr-style style (you can see more about it. You can see the flexible cover of Samsung in the photos).

Such a phone comes in terms of day-to-day user practice, but flexible phones also bring new features. Sometimes for ir, sometimes for u user group. It will be interesting to see where the producers come and what and how the user receives. Galaxy Fold doesn’t suffer from it. It’s a pioneer, a device that fascinates, even if it’s not very practical. It is a smartphone that fits into other mobile phones with an indelible dog and that is why it is great.

And that is why it is logical that a lot of users search for them. Perhaps some will find the ideal way to use it. The rest will be waiting for you, or they will forever remain with classic constructions. They just won’t change, they will still have a place on the market and their meaning.

10. of 2019